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The oily, acne prone skin has a much harder time getting rid of sebum hypersecretion and deep cleansing its pores, compared to normal skin. Thus, in addition to the cleansing product that will be used every morning and night, you will also need a weekly, additional treatment that will maximize cleanliness, freshness and sanitation.

This extra mile goes a long way

What is it about a cleansing facial mask that will do the trick?

Sebum Control

Oily skin is usually the result of the overproduction of sebum which is the natural oil that protects and moisturizes your skin. Combined with the rest of the cleansing routine, the cleansing mask works as the ideal balancer, as it reduces oiliness by absorbing excess sebum and restoring the “balance” of oiliness to the right levels.

Matte look

The intense shine that makes the skin look constantly sweaty, is another feature, that people with an oily, acne prone skin wish to get rid of. As the face mask absorbs the excess sebum, the desired matte effect is achieved at the same time.

Tight pores

When the pores are thoroughly cleansed of sebum, sweat, dirt and makeup residue, they do not need to “open up” to “fit” all the above, so with the cleansing action of the appropriate face mask, they can look visibly tighter.

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Try a facial cleansing mask with a non-comedogenic formula that specializes on the needs of the acne-prone skin, once or twice a week. Apply gently with centrifugal moves of fingers, avoiding eye contour. Leave for 15-20 minutes to dry and remove the film, following an upward careful movement. Complete the session with a cotton pad immersed in micellar water, that will remove remnants and revitalize your skin.

Discover today the added value that the facial cleansing mask has to add to your treatment routine and benefit from a clean, fresh, flawless and detoxified skin.