woman with beautiful hair


Scrolling your phone for some old photos, and suddenly you stop and stare those ones with you having, more voluminous, richer, thicker hair that take up at least half the photo.

Well, those were the days. But I mean, so what? We’re all growing, constantly changing, and perhaps the hair might seem a tad finer now.

Fret not! Below you’ll find some smart tips about how to look after your hair and smile with confidence when you scroll in the future your current photos.

Smart Cuts!

Who doesn’t – or at least- appreciate long hair? However even their most hardcore fan must admit that shorter hair often looks much more stylish and smart. Especially if the hair is thinning, it makes them easier to break which is much more obvious when the hair is long.

Choose shorter cuts such a funky bob or pixie, which will give them a denser and healthier look.

Let’s part-y!

Do you know the easiest, fastest hack you can do right now and will instantly make your hair look thicker? Change the way your hair parts. Is it side part? Do a middle one! Is it middle? Do a side one or change sides or even a deep side. Try it and you’ll be in awe of the instant outcome.

Also, wearing the same hair parting can make some strands be overexposed and in the long term, make them susceptible to breakage.

Proper Hair Brush

Perhaps, during the era of the voluminous hair that still live through these photos, you used a certain hairbrush suitable for them at the time.

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As your hair changes and becomes more sensitive, a different hairbrush might be more suited. Opt for a more smooth hairbrush and your hair will soon look healthier and richer.

Assess, assess, assess!

We must learn to distinguish seasonal from chronic hair loss. Seasonal hair loss is a common phenomenon that affects both sexes. From mid-summer to early autumn people lose more than 50 hairs a day. This is due to various environmental factors and mainly solar radiation, but it does not bother us more than 2 months a year. Chronic hair loss occurs mainly in men and has many causes. Taking medication, diet, stress, and various genetic factors can lead to chronic hair loss. What is certain, is that we must properly assess the situation. If we observe intense hair loss, ie more than 100 hairs per day then it is probably chronic hair loss and we must treat it with special treatment and appropriate products.

What Shampoo?

Some things shouldn’t be left to chance. The solution lies in specialized products that will strengthen the hair. Hair tonic shampoos effectively strengthen the hair follicles and create new, healthy, and strong hair. Specifically, the Hair Force Shampoo for men and women enhances hair growth by 110%. And if you think that specialized shampoos do not have the desired scent, a test will definitely change your mind.

Not done yet!

Shampoo helps, but it is not enough. Combine Hair Force Shampoo with Hair Force Lotion Extra, a special lotion to prevent and treat hair loss, whether it is chronic or seasonal. At the same time, starting a special treatment against hair loss such as Hair force monodoses day/night will help control hormone-induced hair loss, supporting the attachment of the root to the scalp. At the same time, it activates cellular metabolism, enhances hair growth and provides anti-inflammatory protection, with clinical studies showing that it achieves hair growth in the growth phase by 46%.

Without a doubt, hair loss is a stressful issue for all of us. But do not forget that technology combined with nature are by your side with solutions for every case. In addition, you can turn to experts to help you assess the situation, guide you and work with you to find the ideal solution.