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Face cream for the summer: How to choose wisely the perfect one for your skin

Who said that during summer our face needs only sunscreen? Depending on age, type (normal, dry, combination, oily, sensitive), and its special characteristics, skin needs dedicated moisturising or anti-aging care before sunscreen’s application, but also as main face care before bedtime.

Whatever cream you may choose, it is important to “fill” the following “boxes”, so as not to burden your skin, especially during the summer, when the conditions are not the best for its look and function.


A non-oily texture that let the skin breathe

Summer’s high temperatures combined with increased humidity levels make our skin sweat easier. By choosing light and non-oily texture face cream that is immediately absorbed, we help our skin breathe and not suffocate with the burning hot temperatures of summer. One more reason to choose a light texture and composition is the fact that after moisturising or anti-aging cream, we will apply the sunscreen, so the necessity for “thin absorbent layers” is even more imperative.

Of course, if we have oily, acne-prone skin, we choose also during the summer, as we do the rest of the year, only creams with non-comedogenic composition, so that skin pores do not get clogged, its respiration is not obstructed, and the imperfections do not get worse.


A composition that prevents photoaging / enhances collagen

Wrinkles, loss of firmness, dull, dehydrated look, and uneven skin tone are signs not only of the time that passes but also of the sun. Especially during the summer, our face’s skin is even more vulnerable to appear premature signs of photoaging, even at a young age.

At skin-care musts is also a cosmetic face care cream that helps to increase collagen levels, the main “pillar” of skin’s firmness and youthfulness, which “collapses” with extended sun exposure.

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Antioxidant action because sun equals to free radicals increase

You’ve probably heard of the famous oxidative stress and its connection to the signs of aging. Exposure to sunlight is one of the main causes. So, when the cream we use during the summer months with the intense sunshine has active ingredients that neutralize free radicals (eg vitamin E), we have taken a step away from premature aging.


A formula that does not activate sensitive skin

Last but not least tip for choosing a face cream for the summer. As simple that because a very sensitive, intolerant skin becomes even more intolerant under the sun. Redness, roughness, uneven appearance, burning feeling, varicose veins, swelling, or even inflammation are the marks that usually appear on it. If you have this type of skin, especially the cream that you use during summer it is important to have a specialized composition that of course won’t trigger the above symptoms, but also will offer you relief and a feeling of comfort and well-being skin.

In the Frezyderm face care category, you will find products that meet these demanding criteria set by the summer calendar, so that you can take care of your skin in the summer day and night in the appropriate way.