How to Deal with Dummy Rash

Babies and children often get rashes of one kind or another. From eczema and chicken pox to prickly heat. Their delicate skin is more sensitive and so is more likely to get rashes. One of the common skin rashes children get is dummy rash.

Many babies and some toddlers use a dummy and with regular daily use dummies can leave a rash around your baby’s mouth. The rash is normally temporary but they can hang around for a long time. Although it often can look really painfully, dummy rash is generally unnoticed by the baby.


What is dummy rash? 

Dummy rash is similar to ‘drool rash’ and appears around the mouth where the dummy touches the skin. The red, raised rash can sometimes look like a few red spots or patches of red skin.


What causes it? 

Dummy rash is caused by the friction of the dummy rubbing against baby’s skin as it’s being used. The dribble that gets caught behind and around the dummy which also make the rash worse.


How to soothe dummy rash

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The best way to both soothe and prevent dummy rash is to use a type of barrier cream.

Our Baby Perioral Cream is ideal for creating a barrier between your baby’s skin and dribble.

The cream is specially formulated to treat the perioral area.

Prebiotics and herbal ingredients naturally relieve irritation and dryness around the mouth and nose that are common with dummy rash. The cream has an antimicrobial effect, protecting against bacteria and viruses, whilst an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-itch effect gives baby extra comfort and soothes dummy rash symptoms.

Your baby will of course continue to dribble, so keep a little flannel or put a bib on them to wipe away dribble as it comes. Reapply the perioral cream as and when it’s needed.

Remember dummy rash is not a permanent thing. With a little bit of TLC at home, the rash will go in time and your baby will be happy, healthy and smiling.