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An Essential New Mum’s Survival Guide

Becoming a new mum can be a bit daunting. A new life to take care of, a little person to raise and all the fun and new things that come with them. The first few weeks will be an amazing adventure and you are sure to come across some bumps along the way.

Read our top tips for new mums and dads, helping you to navigate the first stages of parenthood.


Before Baby Arrives


Prepare meals

In the week leading up to your due date, make a large batch of tasty meals and freeze them. This allows you to pull out and heat up something to eat when you’re back and too busy with the baby to cook full meals. Chilis, Bolognese, casseroles and cottage pies all freeze well.

Stock up on supplies

Before your baby is born, you’ll have the time and energy to go to the shops for the essential bits and bobs you need from week to week. This is something you won’t really be able to do once the baby comes.

So, before they’re born, make sure you have a steady supply of a month’s worth of toiletries and grooming products for both yourself and for baby. Make sure your cupboards have all the essentials you’re likely to need such as tins of soup, cartons of milk, cereal and vegetables. Put a loaf or two of bread in the freezer, this lets you keep it for longer, just take it out and toast when needed.

Pack a hospital bag

A few weeks prior to your due date pack all the things you’ll need during your time in the hospital when you’re about to give birth. Our previous blog post Hospital Baby Bag: What to Pack Checklist gives you the full lowdown on what to bring, making sure you’re well prepared for your new baby and post-pregnancy state.


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After Baby Arrives



As you’ll probably expect, your sleep will often be disrupted during the first few months of baby’s arrival. During the newborn phase, try as best you can to establish a sleep routine for baby. Getting your baby to sleep can be difficult but persevere and it will pay off. Once this has taken hold, try and work your sleep patterns around your baby’s. At least this way you’ll be able to grab some much-needed shuteye.

Accept help

Many new mums get into the bad habit of saying no to help from friends and family when a new baby is on the scene. Stop it. Friends and family are more than willing to help, so when they offer to get you something from the shop, feed the baby whilst you sleep or clean the house, take them up on it. People are happy to help, and you’ll feel much better for it afterwards.

Team up with your partner

If possible, try and assign different jobs between each other to make things easier and more manageable. Many mothers often feel the need to do it all, but it’s not the case. If you need to switch off with night feedings or need him to lull the baby to sleep, go ahead and share the workload with your partner. Happy parents make for happy babies.

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