Nourishing Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Winter weather can be tough on your baby’s delicate skin. In this blog post we’ll share tips on how to care for your baby’s skin, so that it’s as nourished and soft as the day they were born.


Our skin often becomes dehydrated in winter due to constant exposure to cold, dry winter weather and the drying effects of central heating. Your baby’s skin is the same, but is far thinner and more sensitive to climate change then adult skin.

When taking your baby outdoors make sure they are dressed in mittens and a hat or hood and don’t stay outside in the cold for too long. If your baby’s extremities begin to look red, take them indoors and give them a lukewarm bath.


If your baby’s skin becomes dry and irritated in the cold weather avoid bathing them in water that is too warm as this may strip essential protective oils from their skin. Apply an emollient, like our Baby Hydra Milk, within a few minutes of taking them out of their bath.

Chapped cheeks and lips

Exposure to cold weather can cause chapped lips, cheeks, and irritation and redness in the area around the mouth.

Drooling, lip-licking and runny noses mean that baby’s lips are often wet. This moisture breaks down the top layer of the skin and leaves their lips exposed in cold weather. While cheeks may become red and inflamed in cold wind.

Apply a layer of Frezyderm’s Baby Perioral Cream to your baby’s lips and cheeks to protect and heal their lips in the cold winter weather.

Nappy rash

If your baby is dressed in several layers check their nappy frequently, as the skin on their bottom is vulnerable to heat, moisture and other irritants. If you see signs of nappy rash or chafing apply a gentle and protective Baby Cream to sooth their skin.

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If you take your baby out in the snow their thin skin is especially vulnerable. The snow can reflect up to 85 per cent of the sun’s harmful rays meaning your baby can easily become sunburnt.

To protect against sunburn apply our Baby Sunscreens to exposed areas of their skin especially the face and neck.