The Best Ways to Make Baby Bathtime Fun

Bathtime can be a great time for mother-baby bonding. It’s an opportunity to soothe a tired or unsettled baby, and relax them before bedtime. Being submerged in warm water is very soothing for a baby, as it reminds them of being in the womb.

The bath is also a great place for a baby to have fun and learn in an exciting and multi-sensory environment. Here are 6 ways to make bathtime more enjoyable for both you and your baby.


Singing to your baby when they’re in the bath (or at any time) helps them become more familiar with your voice and develops their speech and language skills. Even if you’re not pitch perfect your baby will love hearing your voice. Clap or gently tap your baby’s knee to teach them about rhythm.


Identifying each body part as your wash it will help your baby’s vocabulary develop. You can also keep older babies and toddlers entertained and boost their imagination by telling them stories, while they’re in the bath.


Babies love bubbles! Watching bubbles float on the water and seeing them pop is fascinating to them.

Try our Baby Bath, which creates lovely bubbles without irritating their delicate skin or itching their eyes.


There’s a huge selection of toys available to keep your baby entertained in the bath, many of these can also help develop your baby’s skills. Containers and cups will teach your baby about filling and pouring, while rubber ducks and toy boats will show them how things float.

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If your baby or toddler dislikes being bathed try introducing them to bath toys outside of the bath, they can be a useful distraction when the baby is put into the bath, helping them adjust to the water.

Creative Play

Allow your baby to channel their inner Picasso by giving them bath crayons and paints, which will boost their creative and motor skills. Playing in the bath means less artistic mess out of the bath, which is happy news for all parents!


Once your baby is able to sit up unassisted they are ready to be moved from a baby bath into the normal bath. The extra space may cause some babies to become unsettled. Bathing with your baby is a great way to calm them as they adjust to the new bath, as babies are soothed and comforted by the skin-on-skin contact with their parents. Co-bathing is also a great way to increase the bond between you and your baby.

After bathing

Apply a baby lotion or oil to your baby after their bath to rehydrate the skin and lock in moisture. This will help keep your baby’s skin healthy and reduce irritation, so the fun keeps on going well after bathtime.

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