5 Stylish Teethers to Help Your Teething Baby

What do we want? Teething toys to stop our babies crying! How do we want them to look? Adorable!  These 5 cute teething toys will ease the pain of your teething baby as they gain their first little chompers.


1. Cookie Silicone Teething Ring – SD Designs

SD Designs

Teething toys on necklaces are a great idea: it means your baby has something to chew that isn’t you while you carry them. It also means they can’t throw it the floor. The fact this one looks like an Oreo just seals the deal!


2. Matchstick Monkey

Matchstik Monkey

These adorable little monkeys make for great teethers. But they’re actually a three-in-one. In addition to soothing teething pain, they feature a toothbrush on the back of the monkey’s head, and can also be used for applying baby teething gel.

This makes them a great way to apply FREZYDERM Baby Gums Gel. Its natural ingredients relieve pain and reduce gum swelling to stop pain without the need for medicine. For extra cool soothing, keep the gel in the fridge before use!


3. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie and Giraffe

The world’s most famous giraffe, Sophie has been the teething toy of choice for royal and celebrity babies since 1961! It’s easy to see why, with her cute face and clever giraffe design, which lets babies safely reach their molars without being a choke hazard.

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4. American Maple Teething Necklace – Mary and Kate

Mary and Kate

Mary & Kate make the kind of teething necklaces you could wear to the office without looking (too) silly. This one is a classic wood-ring. The wood is totally natural and because maple is a softwood, it’s great for giving teething babies something safe and solid to chew into.


5. Chewbeads


Chewbeads is a great brand because they come in so many different colours and styles, you’re sure to find one for you. They don’t stop at necklaces either: they also do bracelets, so if your baby suddenly feels a pang of teething pain, you can just whip off the wristwear and give it to your teething baby!


Teething can be a hard time for your child, and it’s one you’ll never forget. Check out FREZYDERM’s baby product range to see what other products can help make growing up that little bit easier.