Taking Your Baby on Holiday? Here’s What You’ll Need!

Get you, going abroad with your baby! For flying in the face of the ‘parent on plane with baby’ stereotype and showing your little one the world from a young age, we salute you.

Whether it’s taking a new family member to meet the clan across the channel or giving your toddler their first taste of sun and sand, taking a young child abroad can be a little testing. But with the right bits and bobs, you can keep your baby a happy, healthy beacon of cuteness as you travel.

Here are five things you might have forgotten to put on your checklist for when you travel with your baby:


  1. Don’t worry, be app-y

So it’s the 21st century and children are using touch screen phones after only 12 months of adorable life. Scary times… but it’s super helpful on a plane, since you can download some fun children’s games and TV to keep your child happy, occupied (and not annoying other passengers for hours)! The BBC iPlayer is free and has thousands of hours of Cbeebies programming on demand, so they can watch their favourite shows where ever you are.


  1. Teething toys

You can leave work behind when you go on holiday with your kid, but one thing you won’t escape is teething pain. Be prepared with one of these five cute, practical teething toys. For added effectiveness, apply our instant relief Baby Gums Gel to the teething area.


  1. Your new best friend: a bassinet

If you’re flying, ask your airline for a bassinet for your baby. It won’t count towards your luggage, and it’s perfect for keep your precious baby-cargo safe and cosy on the plane. Line it in with a blanket from home so the familiar smell will comfort your little one.

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  1. Baby-appropriate sun care

Your baby’s skin is pretty different from yours. Thinner, more sensitive and with less protection from UV light, you’re going to need a children’s sunblock if you are going abroad. Sunblock is as important during autumn and winter as it is the summer. Our Baby Sun Care uses only natural UV filters, so it won’t irritate young, sensitive skin.


  1. Milk your passenger rights!

Although your dreams of taking your entire bathroom cupboard full of cosmetics onto the plane will be thwarted by airport security’s 100ml rule, your baby will face no such limitations. That’s right! Not many people know it, but you can take on “enough baby food, baby milk and sterilised water for the journey”, with the government admitting “in some cases, this will be over 100ml”.


Add these five items to your pre-travel checklist now!