Our Tips for Your First Nappy Change

It can be rather overwhelming when you’ve taken your brand new baby home, and you’re faced with changing your very first nappy. Fear not, you’ll soon have it nailed, as the average baby will need to be changed 12 times a day.

Here is our step-by-step guide for changing your newborn’s nappy:


  1. Be prepared, as once you’ve laid baby down, you can’t leave them unattended. You may have bought a fully serviced changing table, you may be using a mat on the floor, or gone half way with a cot top changer, but all that really matters is that baby is safe. If they’re above ground, keep a hand on them at all times. Here are the things you’ll want to have to hand: wipes/cotton wool/clothes, a clean nappy, a nappy bag, clean clothes (just in case any mess leaked) and a barrier cream.
  1. Remove the bottom half of baby’s clothes, and roll it up and out of the way. Undo the dirty nappy.
  1. Hold up their ankles and lift up their bottom to remove the dirty nappy, using it to wipe away the worst of the poo.
  1. Don’t be alarmed by their first poos. The first nappy will most probably be a greenish-black sticky stool, and is called meconium. After 2-4 days their poo should become lighter and less sticky.
  1. Chuck the nappy into the nappy bag, and put to one side (or in a bin if you have one at your changing station).
  1. The skin now needs cleaning. You can use water or a wet wipe, or a cleansing foam like FREZYDERM Baby Foam. Pay special attention to folds of skin, and make sure little girls are wiped from front-to-back. Do not attempt to pull a little boy’s foreskin back, just clean the testicles and penis.
  1. Pat dry, and use a barrier cream like FREZYDERM Baby Cream to soothe and protect the skin from irritation.
  1. Don’t forget to smile, and make nappy changing a happy time for your little one. And you’re nearly there!
  1. Lift their ankles again to slip a clean nappy underneath and fasten. If you can’t slip a finger under the waistband it’s too tight.
  1. Dress them and congratulate yourself.