FAQs: Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a skin condition that appears on newborn infants, usually on their scalps. Although it may look alarming, it is common and harmless and usually disappears by the time the baby is one.


What is cradle cap?

Cradle cap appears as greasy, yellow and scaly patches on a young baby’s scalp. Over time the skin may become flaky and will easily peel or rub off. The condition is not contagious and is not believed to cause the baby any discomfort.

It usually appears on the scalp but can also occur on the face, ears, neck, nappy area and in the skin folds.


What causes it?

The exact cause of cradle cap isn’t known, but it is believed that it could be a result of pregnancy hormones left in the baby’s body. Some babies may retain these hormones from their mother in the months after their birth. The hormones may make the baby’s glands produce more sebum, which can result in cradle cap.


How do I know if my baby has cradle cap?

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Cradle cap usually appears on babies before they are two months old, and it is easily recognized by the large, greasy, yellow or brown scales on the baby’s scalp. These scales may start to flake away, leaving the affected scalp looking red. Although some hair may come off with the flakes it will grow back.

If the baby is rubbing its head or showing other signs of irritation it may be that the flakey patches are caused by atopic eczema, which can be confirmed by a GP.


Can it be treated?

When your baby has cradle cap you can gently remove the scales by regularly washing their hair with a baby shampoo. Massaging a baby oil or natural oil into their scalp can also help loosen the flakes. Our Baby A.B.C.C is a gentle oil, enriched with Vitamin E, which has been developed to treat and relieve the symptoms of cradle cap.

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