Steps to Make Baby Bath Time Easier

The first time for everything with your new bundle of joy can be a bit scary, and bath time is one of the most terrifying. But don’t panic. We’ve put together some great tips to help get your baby squeaky clean and tear free in no time.


1. Bathing a baby can feel like a job for an octopus. So, for those of us with just two arms keep all the towels, sponges, soaps, shampoos, creams, pouring jug etc. within arm’s reach, saving you trouble from going to get things during bathing and putting baby at risk.

2. Make sure the room is cosy and warm. Baby is less likely to cry if they are comfortable.

3. You could try playing some nursery rhymes or soothing music whilst you bathe baby.

4. Roll up your sleeves to prevent them from getting wet and make sure any jewellery won’t catch on your little one.

5. Undress your baby and gently put them in the bath or sink with baby facing up and towards you. Their legs should be pointing towards you. It’s reassuring for baby if they can see you.

6. Hold your baby properly and make sure you support their lower back, neck and head.

7. Using a jug gently pour warm water over your baby’s body, avoiding the head and face, yet making sure everywhere else is wet.

8. Feel free to sing as you’re cleaning your baby. You could sing water-related songs like ones from The Little Mermaid or The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. It’s soothing and makes it a little bit more fun for the both of you.

9. If your baby needs some distraction use some bath toys and encourage them to grip them, if they’re old enough, or just show them the toys to stimulate their sights.

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10. Using our Baby Bath, lather up baby’s legs, arms, body and intimate areas for a full body cleaning.

11. You can now shampoo baby’s hair. Apply a small amount of our Baby Shampoo. Make sure their head is tiled backwards to prevent water and suds going into baby’s eyes. Gently massage the shampoo on their scalp using soft circular motions. Many babies enjoy this sensation and you can often see it their expressions. Some parents like to use a soft baby brush to work in the shampoo for a more therapeutic experience, but it’s up to you.

12. Keeping baby facing upwards, supporting their back, neck and head, gently rise off baby with the jug in gentle, slow flows.

13. You can use a small flannel or soft sponge to clean your baby’s face and ears. Use damp cotton wool balls to softly clean around baby’s eyes, gently from inside towards the outside of the eye area.

14. Using a soft towel pick up baby and gently dry them off. Feel free to sing again whilst you rub them down.

15. Lay your baby on a changing matt or towel and apply some moisturising cream to pamper and protect baby’s skin. Our Baby Hydra Milk protects baby skin from dryness and leaves baby’s skin soft and soothed.

16. You can now apply some Baby Cream and some of our Baby Liquid Talc and then your baby bath is all done!