Babies and Children’s Moisturisers: The FAQs

Children and babies’ skin is often very sensitive and in need of extra delicate care when it comes to choosing a moisturiser. Their skin tends to be easily irritated by fragrances, fabric softener, plants, insects etc.

With a wide range of product types all targeting different skin complaints it’s easy to get lost.

Follow our FAQ for the lowdown of skin moisturizers for your little ones:


Do I need to moisturise my child’s skin?

Yes. The type of skin your child has will dictate what sort of moisturiser and skincare you should use. Well moisturised skin is less likely to become, dry, cracked and painful, leaving your kind literally comfortable in their own skin.


There are different types of moisturisers for children!?

There are several. The main ones being; dry, sensitive, eczema-prone, sun-sensitive. Identify which skin complaint your child mostly has and use a lotion or cream that is targeted to this skin type. If you’re not sure try our Baby Hydra Milk. It’s made for dry, irritated and sensitive baby skin, covering all bases.


My child has very delicate, soft skin. What should I use?

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You should look for a moisturizer that firstly gives hydration, and secondly doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. Try our Sensitive Kids Body Milk Lotion. This lotion offers strong and prolonged 24h hydration and is free from alcohol, parabens, colour, SLES and silicones.


My child suffers from bad eczema. How can I help soothe and prevent flare-ups?

First and foremost, you need to keep your child’s skin well moisturised, more so than non-sufferers. Our Atoprel Emollient Cream relieves the symptoms of atopic and eczematoid dermatitis, contributes to the reduction of the scratching tendency that mechanically aggravates the dry skin (efficacy clinically proven) and provides: epidermal barrier strengthening, moisturization, lipid replenishment, skin protection (Medical device, CE 2803).  Apply to dry and clean skin repeatedly 1-2 times a day and not more than 30 days or according to the doctor’s instructions.


My child is very skin sensitive to the sun, particularly on holiday and in summer. What can I do?

Make sure your child wears clothing that covers vulnerable areas of the body such as face and neck. Pop a hat and sunglasses on them for a first line of defence from the sun’s rays. Apply a good sunscreen to areas that are exposed most to the sun and prone to burn. Our Baby Sun Care SPF 25 is enriched with vitamin E and panthenol and specially formulated for sensitive young skin. It contains only natural blockers and is ideal for eczema suffers too.