Milk Spots: Should I Be Worried?

What are milk spots?

Milk spots (sometimes called Milia) are tiny little white spots that many babies get from time to time. As a parent, it’s worrying to see skin rashes or bumps on your little one, but around half of all babies will get milk spots, but luckily they are nothing to worry about.

The pearly white spots often appear around a baby’s eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead and are normally not even irritating or itchy for baby.

Despite the name, they are nothing to do with milk, breastfeeding or dairy. They are not an allergic reaction to milk or an intolerance. It’s generally thought that they are called milk spots because of their white appearance.


What causes them?

The cause of milk spots isn’t really known, even by dermatologists. But some experts think there is a link between young babies having undeveloped skin glands, resulting in dead skin getting trapped in little pockets and ending in the tiny cysts we call milk spots.

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How can you treat them?

Generally, milk spots only last for a few weeks and normally go away naturally without treatment. Please don’t try to pick or squeeze your baby’s milk spots as this will hurt them and cause scarring. Unlike an acne spot there is no opening or pore to squeeze out of milk spots.

If you want to help speed up the healing and sooth milk spots, then our Ac-Norm Baby Cream is the perfect solution. This gentle cream is made especially for neonatal, infant and child’s skin. The cream works by boosting the skin’s natural antimicrobial peptides, reducing inflammation. You’ll soon have your baby happy and spot free in no time at all.