Nursery Room Ideas for Your New-born Baby

With the exciting arrival of a new baby, one of the fun things to plan is the nursery. You’re obviously thinking about which cots and mobiles to choose, along with what colours to paint the room.

With so much to choose from it might be a bit tricky to find the right look that feels perfect for your bundle of joy.

We’ve searched far and wide for some of the most inspiring decorating ideas and styles for your baby’s room.


Script wall art

Easy to use wall stickers are a great way to add a bookish, fairy tale look to your nursery.

Create a heartfelt poem, a favourite passage from a fairy tale or something more personal to give your baby’s room a lovingly unique look.


Repurpose a rolling cart

Use a rolling cart in your baby’s nursery as changing station storage. Wide and deep drawers easily hold nappies, towels, wipes and anything else you need. An easily accessible and space-saving way to add character to baby’s room.


Book nook

Make the most of unused space by adding small shelves. Instead of having books on a case or table with the spines facing out, why not show off the cover art and have the books standing out. The colours brighten up the space and add extra stimulation for you baby.


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Nursery door latch cover

Make a simple door latch cover for your baby’s nursery door to keep from making noise when you close it and wake up baby.

Use scrap fabric or maybe some that matches the room’s interiors.


Framed baby scan 

Proudly display your baby’s scan images in their nursery room. Use a box frame and add baby’s name in Scrabble letters with whatever little mementos you wish to make this pretty nursery picture something to treasure for many years to come.


Nursery stable door

Baby gates, although necessary, are often clumsy and ugly. A wonderful way to keep your house more like a home and less like a zoo is to use a stable door for the nursery.

Easy to open for you to keep an eye on your baby while they play safely in their room.