The Difference Between Liquid Talc and Powdered Talc

Lots of things change when you become a parent. One of them is your conversations. Hanging out with friends-who-are-also-parents becomes an entirely different beast. Chats about that cool new club/hilarious meme/crazy German festival are replaced with talk of nappies/stroller brands/feeding rituals.

The I-don’t-feel-hungover-at-all humble brag is usurped by the my-one-is-sleeping-through-the-night boast. Pals that once discussed the merits of skiing down a mountain in a wolf costume for a stag, now find themselves debating the pitfalls of potty training. When you suddenly have this teeny little burrito of life to care for, you find that everything is worthy of a pros and cons list. Everything. Right down to the type of talc you use…

To help you get the talc issue sorted in your head at least, we’ve compiled a handy guide to the main differences between liquid talc and powdered talc.


  1. Liquid talc is suitable to use from birth 

Many doctors advise against the use of powdered talc on newborns. The danger is that the lighter-than-air particles of dust can be inhaled by the baby. This can affect their delicate nasal passages leading to problems breathing and, in some cases, serious lung conditions. Liquid talc is easily rubbed in and absorbed – avoiding any of the dust ramifications.


  1. Liquid talc is cooling

Liquid talc absorbs surface moisture just like a powdered talc but it glides on smoothly – enriching sensitive skin with soothing ingredients in the process. In fact, liquid talc has an instant cooling effect which is wonderful for treating nappy rash and other minor irritations.


  1. Liquid talc can be applied more precisely

The very fact that liquid talc won’t explode into a halo of dust when you shake it, is something to be applauded. After all, there is enough mess at mealtimes without bath times being fraught with chaos potential. Liquid talc can be neatly administered -without any white residue.

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  1. Powdered talc has been mired by controversy in recent times

Studies have surfaced showing a link – as yet unsubstantiated – between talc powder and cervical cancer. That, combined with the implied risks to your baby’s lungs, make powdered talc a hazardous choice.


At Frezyderm, we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients, backed by science, to deliver outstanding results. Our Baby Liquid Talc harnesses the nourishing properties of chamomile extract and chamomile oil to reduce irritation and keep your little one’s skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

We can’t promise there won’t be days you’ll miss talk of house parties and gap years. But at least with Frezyderm, you’ll feel more in control of parenthood. Now that’s something to boast about.