Make a splash with these baby bath-time products

Bath time is usually the last hurdle to cross before bed time. The aim is to relax little ones and nudge them gently towards the land of nod using soothing, chamomile-infused lotions. But bath time is more than just cleanliness and sleepiness, it is also an opportunity for you to bond with your baby. There are umpteen toys on the market to ensure your baby has a whale of a time in the bath – pun intended.

And there are plenty of ingenious innovations out there to make bath-time smooth sailing for parents too.

Here are our top picks for relaxed parents and happy water babies:


1. Go easy on your knees

Go easy on your knees

Kneeling on hard tiles as you lean over the bath can be pretty hard on your joints. Remember you’ll need to do bath-time every night for the duration of your child’s early years – so don’t give yourself an injury! A bath kneeler gives your knees the support they need, so you can focus on the splish, splash, splosh fun.


2. Save water

Save water

Once your child gets a little bit bigger (and more boisterous), you’ll want to move from a baby bath to the full-size bath. This gives your child more room for bubbles, more room for toys and more room to play. But while an up-size is necessary, your baby doesn’t need the whole bath. Save some water and make a more contained pen for rogue floating toys with the Baby Dam.  This works by cordoning off a portion of your bath, giving you a much more manageable space to deal with.


3. Give the shower head a new lease of life

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Give the shower head a new lease of life

These fun and floral kids shower heads will brighten up any bathroom and make your child squeal with delight. The cartoonish decorations slide over regular shower heads to make them instantly more colourful and baby-friendly.


4. Set sail

Set sail

These beautiful sailboats offer a traditional, homespun alternative to the ubiquitous plastic toys. We love the pretty sails and wooden detailing. Make your child captain of the bath!


5. Read in the bath

Bath time toys have definitely evolved since we were little! You can now read stories in the bath. Floating books offer a range of fun and educational books – and they’re completely waterproof.