tips to avoid nappy rash


“Nappy change training”. This might have been the first bullet in your “new mom essentials” list. They say, practice makes perfect. And it sure did. You’ve become an expert in all the right & efficient moves to change your baby’s nappy, and the most suitable creams to accompany those. You most certainly know all the “do’s”. But what about the “dont’s”? We’ve made the complete anti-rule guide for you on how to avoid diaper rash.


 Anti-Rule No 1: Feeling guilty

Neither is it your own negligence, nor your fault. Diaper rash is not only perfectly normal but also very common: as much as one-third of infants show irritation at some point. The most likely reason for this syndrome is when the baby is left for a while with a wet or a dirty diaper. Prolonged contact with wee or poo or friction of the diaper with infant skin-which is already much more delicate than adults- can cause this irritation. In addition, oftentimes, babies that have been wet, do not show any signs that indicate their “leakage”. For example, they do not cry or look worried. This makes it quite challenging even for the mind-reading moms out there. In any case, take the stress out of your life, put the baby on the changing table with its nappy change cream and whatever else needed to get the job done, and the nappy rash will go away.


Anti- Rule No 2: You strip down the baby, even when they don’t feel like it

Many babies do not feel comfortable staying nude on the changing table, possibly because they are cold. They won’t even hesitate to show their dissatisfaction with the relevant … soundtrack. If your baby is a proud member of the “anti-nudist nappy-change union”, try an overall with an opening at the bottom to loosen only topically.


Anti-Rule No 3: You immediately put on the new diaper

It might be a good idea to let the baby’s skin breathe a little before the new “moisture cycle” begins again. Leave the skin naked for a while, until it dries completely. Teddy bears and toys will keep the baby occupied until you put on the clean diaper.


Anti-Rule No 4: You wipe the area by rubbing it

Yes, you need to dry up the baby’s skin before you put on the new nappy, but if you think that -by any chance- “drying up” means “rubbing”, you might have to reconsider. The more force you put in, the worse you’ll irritate the baby’s skin. The optimal way is to “pat gently” or blow the skin dry before putting on a clean nappy.

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Anti-Rule No 5: You’re using fragranced baby wipes.

It’s very tempting to use those wipes that give your baby’s skin a sea breeze or Persian garden scent. We suggest resisting though.  The fragrance found on many baby wipes can cause more irritation and dry the baby’s skin or even give a “burning” sensation. A gentle cleansing foam is the perfect solution for cleaning without rubbing and rinsing, as it is easily removed with a simple tissue.


Anti-Rule No 6: You choose a tight nappy

A tight diaper can prevent leakage, but it creates even bigger problems. That is because moisture gets trapped, which exacerbates the irritation. The solution; Select the right size and do not fasten the diaper tightly.


Anti-Rule No 7: You’re “glued” on the same nappy

You’ve been using the same nappy since forever, but what if the same old nappy goes hand in hand with causing a rash? Nowadays, there are so many choices in the diaper department to choose from, that convenience won’t be an issue on this one.