sweet smelling baby


Who said your bebé doesn’t need beauté?

We’re not suggesting that you should rush signing up your baby to the nearest baby spa.

There are just those little things, the touch-ups to have a sweet-smelling, pampered baby.


  1. Those nails, aka your baby’s first manicure

There are some contradictory opinions over this matter. Some people believe, that you should cut your baby’s nails only after few months after it’s born. However, trimming your newborn’s nails during its first weeks should be your priority. A baby has little control over his flogging limbs. This could lead to either hurting himself or transferring germs to his mouth. Baby fingernails grow relatively quickly so trimming them may take place several times a week. With the guidance of your pediatrician you may use a nail file designed for babies or a baby nail scissors.

Regarding the timing now, right after bathing, nails have softened enough to make the entire process as smooth as possible. If the baby is still very irritable, you may want to try when it’s asleep.


  1. Baby on the catwalk

Your baby may feel stylish and posh much earlier than expected. So, it may not really feel like wearing the same old monochrome bodysuits. Try choosing more interesting patterns and colors, and your little princess or prince will appreciate the gesture.

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  1. Washing baby clothing

Your little bundle of joy generates a constantly increasing pile of laundry. The washing machine will be your daily friend, and a good detergent suitable for the delicate baby skin, is necessary.


  1. Baby Smell

Newborn baby smell is highly addictive. Imagine if you could have your baby being fragrant and fresh smelling for longer. Baby Cologne can make sure of it. Its parabens and alcohol-free composition ensures its suitability for the most delicate baby skin and the chamomile extract offers antiflammatory properties.