happy baby in baby stroller


If you’ve ever searched for a baby stroller, you might have been baffled by the overwhelming variety out there.

If, however, you’re planning to go baby carriage hunting soon, we might want to warn you first.

There’s no such a thing as a universally accepted “perfect stroller”. That is because we all tend to have different needs, lifestyle and budget.

Before making one of the biggest financial investments in babyhood, you might want to consider the following:


  1. Safety

It goes without saying, this is the most important factor. Firstly, all prams and strollers are required by law to be labelled with the name, trademark, and identification of the UK manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. It should also be marked with the number and date of the British Standard, for example BS7409: 1996.

Also, are brakes applied easily and effectively? Are they slipper-safe? They should be as reliable as they come.

Moreover, a 5-point safety harness is an essential, that should be easy for you to buckle and unbuckle, but not for your baby.



  1. Stroller Type

There’s a significant variety of prams/strollers out there.

Convertible: Also known as “can’t decide if I want to have another baby right after this one or not.” These pushchairs are designed to convert in order to accommodate two seats at the same time. If you’re considering another baby soon after your firstborn, these may come in handy.

Travel-system: This is basically a stroller with a compatible baby car seat that clips into the stroller. The convenience of carrying the baby from the car to the stroller without waking it up could be priceless.

Car seat frame: This is the budget option for the babies often in a car, or for parents who haven’t decided yet what stroller to invest on. It’s more of a frame and less than a carriage, where you adjust your infant car seat.

Pram: Prams are technically for younger babies whose back bones aren’t strong enough to let them sit upright, with large canopies. There are also suitable for long walks that may result into a sleepy baby. Their main downside is their big size and weight, which makes it more of a suburban kind of carriage with big spaces for storage, and even terrain.

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Jogging: So, you’re are a hardcore jogger. This is the perfect stroller for you. You can workout while still being with your precious one. These are 3-wheeled with big wheels for a better ride.

Lightweight & Umbrella: We imagine this type being the kind of stroller to transfer your baby to the airport or little trips with a car without a significant trunk space. It’s also easy to fold and carry and quite affordable to also serve as your second one.

Double: Expecting twins? That’s the one for you! Also: , suitable for siblings of similar age.


  1. Quality of Frame & Fabric

Your baby will spend many hours lying on its carriage, so a good quality frame (especially if to be used on bumpy terrain) and fabric that is easy to wash off.

The frame should also have no sharp edges or small places where your kid’s teeny fingers or toes may get stuck.


  1. Suspension & Space

How much space would you need? If taking your baby for long walks, while doing chores and daily shopping, a baby carriage with significant space will be more convenient for you.

Also, suspension is crucial for that smooth baby ride.


  1. Handling

The handler should be quite easy to adjust its height. You can also choose between the One-hand control or the large-handle bar. Test both before you make the investment.