baby dressed i warm clothes in winter

How to dress your baby during the Winter!

The ideal temperature for a baby may seem tricky at first.

Afterall, they are so tiny and vulnerable, it seems like they would need tons of clothing to survive the harsh winter.

The truth is a bit different as babies are in fact more resilient than we take them for.

Keeping a baby warm and cosy during the cold months is based on a simple principle: layers!

There’s an Italian phrase that goes like this: “Vestiti come’ una cipolla”.

It translates as “dress like an onion”, and that’s pretty much the gist of the baby dressing manual.

Dressing in layers is best for trapping the heat in a healthy way for the baby. A snowsuit may be a good option when it’s literally snowing outside, and the cold is freezing.

A multi-layered approach though, works best as you can always start peeling off layers when the temperature rises to make the baby more comfortable.

You may start from a cotton onesie and start building outwards with thin cotton tees, leggings or joggers, cardigans etc.

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You should also make sure everything is covered up. A wooly or insulated hat that covers its ears, mittens, thick socks, boots, are all necessary.

If in doubt about how much clothing you need to dress your baby, think how many layers of clothing you’re wearing, then just add one extra for the baby.


Some final tips to ensure your baby’s comfort:

  • The ideal inner comfortable temperature for the baby is between 16 to 20 degrees. Anything above this temp should result into taking off layers for the baby.
  • The layered approach also applies during hotter days, with cotton cardigans and overalls suit the best.
  • When going out for a walk, an extra baby blanket when the baby is in the stroller will keep the baby nice and toasty.
  • Beware of overheating! Babies that are too hot run a greater risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) . As soon as you go indoors start taking off all the extra clothing and hat off the baby, even if it has fallen asleep.