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Should we moisturize babies?

Snuggling with our little angels, sniffing that lovely baby smell of theirs, could be classified as one of the ultimate pleasures in life. We enjoy pampering  them to keep them clean and jolly.

It’s not only the divine smell, but also their skin that is as soft and supple, as skin can be.

However, baby skin is too delicate, compared to the grown-up version, with susceptibility to dryness and irritation.

Their dainty skin lacks the defense mechanisms of adults’, with a skin so thin that anything you apply on, will be absorbed and enter their bloodstream relatively quickly.

Moisturizing your baby will help strengthen its skin barrier, but keeping the baby hydrated takes more than just a moisturizer.

Regular soap or shampoo won’t cut it for their hyper sensitive skin, so choosing body shower and shampoo that is specially formulated for the baby skin will ensure that it will be effectively protected and hydrated.

There follows a guide on how to moisturize your baby properly.


  1. Use Right after bath

Baths should be short and sweet for your little one, lasting around ten minutes to avoid their skin drying out. Optimally, apply the lotion right after they get out of bath, when their skin is still moist.


  1. Give extra attention on the dryer areas.

You may apply extra lotion or more frequently throughout the day, on some areas that are somewhat drier than others, such as ankles, hands, knees and elbows.

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  1. Oil massage!

Sometimes a baby oil massage before going to sleep, will not only relax and prepare the baby for sweet dreams, but it will also offer tremendous moisture on its skin. You may also apply it topically on dry patches. Occlusive ingredients such as oils or other emollients offer a barrier that smooths flaky skin cells for a smoother feel.


  1. Or give them a chamomile bath.

Chamomile is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Giving them a chamomile bath daily, when they experience a skin irritation will soothe and give them piece of mind.


  1. Notice if the dryness remains.

If you maintain a hydrating routine for your precious one, and they still appear to have dry patches or worse, then you might want to visit a doctor, and see if it concerns a case of Eczema.

If so, then, specialized products for baby eczema should be used to relieve the inflammation.