baby with summer hat

How to organize your newborn’s first holidays!

So, you’ve given birth recently, and just holding your little precious baby, fills you with tremendous joy.

You still want to go somewhere for your summer holidays!

Now that there’s more of you in the family, you might want to plan diligently, for your baby and you to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.


  1. Opt for rooms with separate sleeping areas.

It may seem that a one-room could be a budget solution and why not have your lovely baby sleep by your side, but we can’t stress enough, how much you’ll appreciate having some extra space.

Think about how much space a stroller or all the extra baggage will need, not to mention, how nice a spacey apartment will feel like.  Make sure if you’re renting a bed and breakfast, to have an elevator.

An apartment with a laundry machine will also come in handy as it will facilitate the everyday life of yours and your baby’s.

Meanwhile, although booking an apartment or bnb in the outskirts of the city might be more budget friendly, the piece of mind of being near everything in the city center, is probably worth the extra cost.


  1. Prepare for the climate of the visiting city/country.

You are easier to adapt to any climate changes as your body’s adrenal system is fully developed.

When it come to your baby, things are more complicated, so make sure you are prepared.

Make a research about the highs and lows in temperature in the city/place you’re visiting and make sure you pack enough clothes for all possible outcomes.


  1. Bring enough baby food and/or formula.

Make sure you don’t run out of baby formula when stuck in a place where your preferred brand is not sold.

Your baby’s taste buds will surely protest to any abrupt change in its feeding process, so you’d better pack some extra stuff.


  1. Embrace nap time. Participate.

Make sure you go easy on your baby’s nap time routine. Contrary to popular belief, babies are way more easygoing than 2-year old toddlers. Toddlers move around constantly, making it very hard for you to make schedules or relax. Babies tend to sleep randomly pretty much anywhere you leave them, making it easier for you to enjoy your holidays.

That doesn’t mean they won’t turn cranky in case they miss their beauty sleep.

Opt for direct flights that will minimize flying distance, won’t disrupt its sleeping schedule as much, and your baby will be comfortable and happy.


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  1. Portable baby bed / bassinet

If you’re renting an apartment, chances are, a baby crib won’t come with it.

Even if a hotel room is offering one, a rental bed for your baby may sound cringeworthy.

There are portable baby bassinets that don’t take much space and will make your day.


  1. Feed when hungry!

You’ll often hear that is best to wait and feed your baby right before entering the plane. This way your baby will fall asleep and turn angelic during the flight.

Although the concept appears to make a strong point, it’s a universal fact that if you don’t feed babies the moment, they get hungry, they get the grumpiest they can be.


  1. Keep your cool.

At some point, it’s normal to freak out on your fist vacation with your newborn.

They may have colic and cry uncontrollably or may experience nappy rash due to the extra friction sweat causes in summer.

Make sure you’ve packed for every possible case to have piece of mind, whether it be a lotion that will relieve them from colic or some talc to absorb sweat. Going for a liquid talc, will make your life easier as those pesky dust particles won’t create a mess when you change their nappy.

Other times, you may not know what is happening or why your baby is so irritable and cranky and other people may give you weird looks.

Remember that many other people, have or used to have babies like you, so you will certainly come across people that will sympathize with you and offer to help you.


  1. Embrace a new mindset for holidays.

You used to travel thinking you can squeeze all sightseeing and trendy restaurants in a 3-day trip. Surprisingly, most of the time, you could.

These days are over though; with the arrival of your baby, a new era begins. Going through security at the airport will take longer and even strolling around the city will be at a different, more relaxed pace.

Breaking the day into smaller chunks, going back to the hotel or apartment to rest during the day will make your life and your baby’s better.

If you’re heading for the beach, make sure you have a suncream that is specially designed for the baby skin and make sure they are keeping cool  and happy.