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4 ways to Winterproof your baby

In wintertime your baby seems so fragile and small that mama bear instinct of bundling it up is too strong to ignore. But most of the time, babies aren’t supposed to get triple in size just by warm clothing. But there is a delicate balance to making sure your baby feels warm and cosy and having a baby overheated or underdressed.

Below, we’ve gathered all you need to know about keeping your baby winter safe and jolly.

How safe is it for the outside?

Babies typically have a hard time regulating their own temperature, meaning they need you to make sure they will be kept warm.

If the baby is under 6 weeks old, it is recommended that they should stay indoors ideally, unless of course they absolutely need to do otherwise.

If the baby is older, then the layering approach is the optimal way to keep the baby comfortable, at all times, whether outdoors or indoors with the heating on. Just think how many layers you are wearing yourself and add one extra to your baby. No need to dress it like a mini astronaut every time you go outside.

Note, that the danger of overheating is still there, in case of the baby being over-bundled, so it is advised to check regularly the back of their neck if it’s warm and sweaty as well as their chest or tummy for potential rashes.

Dry and sensitive skin?

Even if naturally the baby’s skin isn’t dry, it certainly is very sensitive and lacks the lipids the adult skin has; furthermore, winter strips the moisture off the skin, making it flaky and itchy.

Especially if your child has eczema, things are much worse, as symptoms worsen with the drop of temperature.

Moisturizing the baby should be top priority; right after bathing and patting them dry with a towel, apply a baby moisturizing cream to lock in the moisture. Make sure the application takes place within 2-3 minutes to ensure the moisture locking in the skin.

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Holidays and busy everywhere?

During holidays, every store, restaurant, mall and kindergarten is much busier than usual.

The immune system of a baby is still developing during the first year which can make him/her particularly vulnerable to other germs. Even a family gathering may be risky for the newly born.

As much as possible, keep away from large crowds and in case this is tricky, be extra cautious with personal hygiene such as hand washing, kissing the baby, and keeping a distance from people with cold.

A casual cold for an adult may end up being a serious infection for the newborn.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Yes. Sunscreen. The sunrays can still harm you on a gray day; moreover, the snow reflects the sun making it extra strong for an adult, let alone a brand new baby!

During the winter you only need to apply a tiny amount chemical free sunscreen on his/her face.