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4 ways to soothe your baby’s colic

At first it feels like being in uncharted waters. You have heard your baby cry before. But instincts and trial and error helped you learn to cope with it. Figuring out the source of their crying didn’t feel that hard at the beginning. In most cases it would probably mean they are hungry, or just tired- ready to swoon over your cuddling arms and fall asleep like heavenly angels.

But now a new kind of crying has suddenly emerged. One that won’t be relieved with food or nappy time. You’re asking around, searching online, and a new possible cause has risen: It just might be colic!

You check with your baby and, yes their crying is a clear indication of what colic is described to be!

Below, we have gathered 4 ways to soothe your darling and bring his/her jolly temperament back.

Swaddle that baby

It might seem weird at first, as something that will restrict your baby’s freedom of movement but for your baby being swaddled may resemble the state he/she was, when inside the womb. Swaddling your baby in a blanket will instantly calm your baby.

Help him swallow less air

Swallowing too much air may cause gas. A good idea to reduce swallowed air is to try a special bottle designed to reduce gas or a nipple with a smaller hole. Also, when they are being fed, it is advised tobe rather sited vs. laid on their backs. This also helps with swallowing less air.  Do not forget to burp them during and after feedings.

Incorporate sound and motion to the game.

Motion may also help with colic. You can walk around with your baby in a baby carrier (the kind that straps around your chest). The combination of warmth and rhythm may help make her/him drowsy and ready to sleep.

Another idea is to place them in a swing or stroller. Again, the gentle movement may soothe them enough to stop their tears. If all the above fails, you can always take them for a car ride as long as they are secured in their car seat.

Sound is also great if you want to calm your baby. Many babies respond well to white noise such as the gentle hum of your hair or clothes dryer, or even your vacuum.

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Is your baby’s crying, Colic?

Cuddle, cuddle and…massage!

Snuggling is, of course, always appreciated, especially when your baby is upset.

A special massage that targets colic with a specialized oil may do wonders to your baby’s mood.

Choose a time during the day when your baby is not fussy or hungry.

Lay him/her on his/her back in a quiet room. Apply the colic oil on their belly. Bend the baby’s knees up to their chest for a few seconds to relieve any gases and continue with a gentle clockwise massage. Repeat the above steps as many times as needed.

You can try this after you give them a warm bath so your baby will be completely relaxed while having them suck on a pacifier if it soothes them.