5 Common Things That Can Give Your Child Eczema

When babies and children have very sensitive skin, many things can trigger an outbreak of eczema. In fact, up to 18% of all children will be affected by eczema.

Here are some of the everyday agents that can trigger an eczema outbreak on your child’s skin.

1. Detergents

The dry, sensitive skin of eczema can be made worse by the laundry detergent you use. One one hand, detergents are designed to get rid of grease from your clothes, and on the other hand, detergent residues are trapped in clothing fibres, causing additional dryness and irritation for sensitive skin.

2. Dust

Something as mundane as house dust can irritate skin and cause eczema in young children. This is due to a common allergy to dust mites, whose miniscule droppings can irritate the skin. Sweeping, hovering and dusting regularly can help reduce eczema caused by mites.

3. Undiagnosed Food Allergies

If you notice that your child develops eczema outbreaks after eating certain kinds of food, it may be worth testing them for an allergy to that food. We would not recommend cutting out any foods without medical advice, but dairy, wheat and soy products are common offenders. Especially while very young, your child’s allergic reaction is prone to manifesting itself as eczema.

4. Wool and Other Materials

Irritant materials like wool or some artificial fibres can trigger eczema outbreaks. Stop dressing your child with certain materials if you suspect they are triggering eczema. Young children come into contact with other people’s clothes often, too, so remember to watch out for this.

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5. You

Your genes may already predispose your child to suffer from eczema. Indicators of this include you or other relatives suffering from eczema, asthma and hay fever. Nothing can be done to change this risk factor.

Eczema can be triggered by a number of factors, but thankfully there is effective treatment. Trust FREZYDERM’s specially developed eczema cream to gently relieve your child of the distress and discomfort of eczema symptoms.