Creative Gifts for the Kids to Make for Mother’s Day

That special day of the year that we make a big fuss of all mummies is just around the corner. This year Mothering Sunday is on 26th March which gives you and your little ones time to get creative with presents for mum. Mother’s love anything handmade, crafted with love and children like to get involved in anything creative.

And if it’s a bit mucky, even more so! See below for some inspiring homemade craft ideas for kids to make for mum’s this Mother’s Day.

Queen for a day

Mother’s Day is all about making mums feel special, like a queen. Let your children make a crown for mum. All you need is some card, scissors (please supervise whilst the children use them), colouring pencils and/or crayons, glitter, glue, stickers or whatever the boys and girls want to use to decorate the crown.

A helping hand

Something that will make mum smile every time she sees it is always a good idea. Using some fabric paint, and use kids’ hands to create prints on a plain tee. A simple but very cute gift idea.

Thumbprint flower pots

This idea is perfect for mothers with green fingers or just a love of pretty flowers, which is most mums, let’s be honest. All you need are some plain terracotta pots you can get from most gardening centres, some acrylic paints, and a marker pen. Use kids’ thumbprints to make the wings of butterflies with colourful paints.

Framed Scrabble tiles 

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Use Scrabble tiles glued onto a sheet of paper to spell out a special word like ‘Mother’, ‘Love’, ‘Family’ etc. This is a great way to encourage children to read and spell as they make the gift. To make if even more personal use some coloured glass beads to decorate the frame.

Magazine flowers 

We’ve all got old magazines, catalogues and leaflets around the home. Put them to good use this Mother’s Day and turn them into flowers. Kid’s can get creative with old magazines and using cut-out strips of the pages to make the petals. Chenille stems of coloured pipe cleaners are perfect for making the stems. Make cute bunches, put them in a vase and hey presto! You’ve got forever blooming flowers just for mum.

Cotton bud dandelion card

Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a card. A simple yet pretty way to make a card is by using cotton buds. All you need is some green and white paint and a few cotton buds. The tips of the cotton bubs make effective blossoms of the dandelions.