Our Favourite Sun Hats for Kids

Protecting kids from the summer sun can be tricky. Often they can’t wait to run to the swings at the park or go splashing in the sea’s waves, so making sure they are properly protected from the sun can be a battle.

After you’ve smothered your little one in kids sun cream there is another line of defence against the sun, and that is hats.

We’ve selected some of the cutest sun hats around to inspire you to keep your kids’ head’ protected in style.


Cotton floppy sun hat 

Protect their head from the sun’s rays with this cute floppy sun hat. Crocheting has recently come back in style so you can look cool whilst making it too.


Patterned bucket hat

Why not turn fabric from old shirts or duvets into a fun bucket hat for your child?

Follow this easy-to-make pattern and soon your kid will be the envy of the playgroup.


Flower summer bonnets 

For a classic country look, why not make a simple bonnet? Full of old world, The Little House on the Prairie sweetness, make the bonnet from cloth in a ditsy floral print.

The under-the-chin fastening helps keep the bonnet on whilst your little one plays.


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Dinosaur sun hat 

Many kids love dinosaurs and this hat may make them more likely to wear it.

This eye-catching and fun hat will have your little one roaring with delight whilst still being protected from the sun with the long peak at the front and neck flap at the back.


Peaked sun hat

This quirkily cool hat is both stylish and functional. Little boys and girls with a sporty streak will be perfectly shaded from the sun in this easy-to-wear hat.


Panama straw hat 

A great children’s version of an adult classic is this blue straw hat. The lightweight feeling of the hat makes it much more comfortable for your little one to wear whilst the wide brim makes sure their eyes and face are well-shielded from the sun.


Getting very young children to wear a hat and staying in it is very hard. One way to make them more likely to wear it is if you let them choose their hat themselves. Take them to the shops and let them pick one out they like, or if you’re making one, involve them in choosing fabrics and patterns.