Preparing Your Kids for Back to School Week

With the end of the summer now appearing on the horizon you’ll naturally start to think about your kids going back to school. They probably haven’t and mentioning returning back to normal life may make your little ones a little grumpy but you can help make it a lot easier for them as well as you.

Here are some handy ways to ease your kids into the idea of back to school week:


Bring out the books

It’s really important to keep your child’s brain active. Just because they are not at school doesn’t mean they can’t learn, of course they can. Encourage them to read books. From fairy tales and dinosaur books through to an atlas and Harry Potter, whatever your child’s interest is, it’ll be easier to get them reading if it’s about something they enjoy.


Time for beddy-byes

A week before the start of school start a bedtime schedule. This will get them back into the habit of regular sleeping patterns and will also make sure they get the right amount of sleep.

The ideal amount of sleep your child should have depends on their age. Take a look at the NHS’s guide for children’s sleep for a full breakdown.


Pens ‘n’ pencils

New stationery for school is always one of the highlights of starting the new term.

Take your kids shopping for new school supplies and encourage them to pick out pads of paper, pencil cases etc that they like. This will help give you child a positive impression of going back to school and they will be eager to show off their new stationery to their new classmates.


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Get kitted out

Yes, it’s time to get a new school uniform. Chances are that your kid has outgrown their old ones or they may even have a different uniform to wear. Be sure to check with their school for what the uniform is and what the rules are before you go shopping.

Some schools will only allow clothes sold by a specific shop, others just have colour schemes to stick to. Many supermarkets and department stores have a back to school range that you can take a look at. Again, make sure to include your kid when you’re shopping. Children like to feel involved and it also prepares them emotionally for going back to school.



A great way to keep your child’s mind busy is to set fun exercises. Ask them to do things like write about their day at the zoo or trip to the museum. Anything that encourages them to write is a good way to make going back to school and learning not such a shock.


Calm their nerves

Many children get anxious about going back to school or starting at a new school. Talk to them and ask what is it they are worried about. Try and reassure them the best way you can.

Are they worried about not making new friends? Maybe they will miss their old teacher? Many worries they have are reasonable and just down to newness. Give them lots of hugs and explain they will be just fine because you know they will.