Preparing your Child’s Skin for the Changing Seasons

With the cooling temperatures, shorter days and once green leaves now turning brown, it’s safe to say that summer is over. Now in autumn with winter fast on the horizon, it’s not just nature that changes with the seasons. Our skin and it needs change too.

This is even more true for children, who’s young soft skin is often sensitive and more prone to the harsh effects of the elements. We look at some great and easy ways to help prepare your kid’s skin for the colder weather.


Dress them sensibly

Wrapping your child in layers of woolly knits may seem like a good idea but that’s only if it’s really very cold out. Just because it’s November, December or January doesn’t mean it can’t get mild, or even warm.

A child who is drowning in layers of clothes on a day that’s 19c runs a great risk of being hot, sweaty and getting skin complaints such as rashes, or a flare up of eczema if they are a sufferer.

Check the weather forecast online, on TV or on an app for a better idea of what your child should be wearing that day.



With the often-cold winds of autumn and winter, children’s skin can get very dry, itchy and sore. To remedy or even prevent this, we recommend using our Sensitive Kids Body Milk. This gentle moisturising milk is perfect for little ones with sensitive skin.

Along with strengthening the skin’s barrier, it also calms and soothes irritated skin. Apply daily to your child’s skin for an extra layer of protection again the colder weather.

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Feed them well

It’s not just what you put on the outside that affects your skin, but also what goes inside. A kid who eats lots of junk food and sweets is more likely to have skin that is troubled and irritated. Give your child plenty of fresh fruit for snacks and lots of vegetables in meals for a nutritious and delicious way of eating.


Mind central heating  

Overheating your home can make the air very dry, and this in turn can make skin very dry. Try to keep your home at a comfortable temperature around 21c, and make sure your child takes off their coats, hats and scarves whenever they go inside.

Hopefully these tips will make this autumn and winter more comfortable for you and your kids.