easy hairstyles for little girls

Easy Breezy Hairstyles for your Little Girl

“Why would Laura have a French braid while I don’t?” Because, darling, mommy doesn’t know how to French braid! Well, that was how the conversation would normally flow between your little princess and you…

But that’s only yesterday’s news.

We present you a thorough guide for easy-peasy hairstyles that you can pull off every day in like 5 minutes time before your sweetheart storms off for school.


Crazy little braids

Make one part in the middle and knit the hair of the child in as many braids as you like, fixing them with neon  red, yellow green, pink rubber bands… The more colors, the happier the hair and the happier the little colorful princess!


My Crown Hair

Nothing less than a crown is your little princess worthy for. And it’s so easy to give it to her! Grab a tuft of hair behind her ears and knit it aside by fastening it with a rubber band. Do the same on the other side, wrap the two braids crosswise over the head and fasten with tweezers behind the ears.


Double Bun

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What would be more playful and impressive than two huge buns on your little girl’s head? Split part in the middle and grab two horsetails right and left, respectively. Then turn the horsetails around themselves and fasten them with tweezers.


Junior Pocahontas

The number one essential accessory is lots of boho mood! Make one part in the middle and knit two loose braids thoroughly disheveled. The more wisps of hair surround the look, the more successful it will be. A must accessory will be the ribbon around the head that will give an ethnic air to your little Incas.


Sort it out!

To make these perfect braids in record time, of course, the brush must be slipping through the hair. The tangled tufts may delay you, especially the mornings that you are rushing to leave for school, even the 5 minutes delay can seem like an eternity! That’s why we’d recommend taking your measures for soft hair before the knot reaches the comb. Sensitive Kids Shampoo Girls will make your life much easier as it moisturizes and enhances the elasticity of your kids’ hair for gentle, soft, glamorous hair. And of course, it’s specially formulated to treat sensitive kids’ skin without stinging the eyes. And for even easier hairstyles, do not forget to brush with the Sensitive Kids Magic Spray Lotion, which undoes the knots without weighing them and making them soft.