halloween treats


It’s that time of the year. Our little ones are getting invited to Halloween parties, and we need to prepare some Halloween snacks for them. Or perhaps we are the ones organizing the big event.

We want to create a handful that will look dark and sinister enough to scare and dare, but also easy and relatively quick to make.

It might be that life can be quite busy, or the fact that not all of us are MasterChef material. Or both.

The other thing that gets us a bit worried these days, is how much sugar will be devoured with so much candy available.

Had we had a witch available, we’d wish for some painless yet sort of nutritious Halloween snacks.

Well, we’ve sorted this out for you.

We’ve found the spookiest, yet quick and healthy recipes for you to give everyone the creeps.


  1. Skull Deviled Eggs or…. Halloween Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious, and we all love the spiciness of classic deviled eggs.

These effortless versions give this classic snack the thrill it needs to stand out.

You could make both, with spiders and skulls mixed in a big platter.

skull deviled eggsspider eggs


  1. Mandarin Pumpkins

Autumn is the best season for freshly picked mandarins. Drawing them in the way you would carve a pumpkin, makes this staple fruit look cooler, fun and can potentially make kids snack on them more frequently.

All you need is a black marker and some mandarins, et voila!

They can also be used as garnish, decoration of big platters or can be the cool fruit of your kids’ lunch box those days.

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mandarin pumpkins


  1. Severed fingers in a Bun.

This is probably not the healthiest of the recipes presented, but most likely the creepiest one.

We find this ideal for kids around 10 and older, when cutsie stuff just won’t cut it anymore. Quite straightforward to make, with buns, sausages, ketchup and a knife to carve out the knuckles and the nail bed.

healthy snacks halloween


  1. Teeth and mouth Snack

This could also be part of our brain-boosting snacks. The extra sugar found in the little marshmallows is offset by the fiber & vitamins of the apple and peanut butter in this recipe. It has amazing looks and some treat hidden inside. Marshmallows, apple and peanut butter. That’s it.

nutritious halloween snack


  1. Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas

Another quick fix for a more filling treat, that could also be a meal, we’d go for these quesadillas that will take about 5 min max to prepare and 20 to eating. They could also be awesome for a spooky dinner with family!

easy halloween snacks

Trick your kids into eating wholesome treats and Creep on this Halloween!