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Encourage your kids to read, on World Book Day!

On the very first day of March, we celebrate World Book Day, as a declaration of our love for the book.

Motivating the next generation to develop a love for the books could be one of those things that will affect them exponentially in their life.


  1. Lead by example

If parents watch TV on their free time, wouldn’t you expect their children to follow suit? Unless their name is Matilda, they’d probably not become bookworms. Kids mimic their parents, so you might want to do things that will inspire your kids to feel curious about that book.


  1. Read to them out loud.

Research has shown that reading to your children can be important in their literacy skills development. Whether snuggled under the covers, or with a book while on a road trip, reading together is a powerful tool in motivating your child to read.


  1. Go to one of these activities around London that are happening on World Book day.

These can strengthen their relationship with books, providing multiple stimuli and a sense of socializing that will reinforce even further, their motivation and curiosity over reading.

Among others, a Big Book Giveaway takes place, with every kid popping up, getting a free book.


  1. Use e-readers

The charm of a physical book may be undeniable, but so is the convenience of the e-reader. Kids nowadays love anything techie and an e-reader might be more appealing to their eyes. Then, who knows, one day, they might appreciate the allure of the physical book.

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  1. Make your home their first library

Having a large library filled with classic literature, or a specific shelve for their books has the potential to become the place your kids will be returning to, after a tiring day to explore new books or writers, or get their mental supply when staying in, on a rainy day.


  1. Help them choose age-appropriate books

Try going to the bookstore with your little one, to buy your books (tip no. 1) followed by the kids’ section. You can explore together, exposing them to a variety of age-appropriate books to choose from. Getting their chosen book as a gift, will feel more special and appreciated this way.

Even if your kid isn’t especially inclined towards literature per se, you might encourage them in another way. Find out what they like doing and suggest likewise. Are they sci-fi fans? A relevant novel or a specialized book on the topic of interest, may do the trick.


  1. Show interest and talk about your kids’ readings

Incorporate book-reading into your daily conversations. Discuss likes and dislikes, with the main point being about the interest you show in the activity itself. This will serve as both a bonding activity between you and your kids, and a further reinforcement of their book-reading.