kids playing at the beach

4 ways to keep your kids entertained at the beach!

Picture yourself laying on a deck chair, sniffing the unmistakable ocean smell, while reading a book on the beach and sipping cocktails…

Raised your brows in amusement yet?

Unless of course your kids are running around, surrounding you, begging for attention.

We may think that children will be fascinated by just being at the beach but reality slaps you in the face, as soon as you realize, this isn’t the case. Kids may feel awkward when first visiting the beach. Even if they genuinely enjoy themselves, it’s hard to keep them that way for a long period of time.

We’ve gathered 4 effective ways to keep them amused:


  1. Sand Writing

Is your kid currently in the process of learning the ABC? If yes, then you can practice together with using your feet or hands to write on the sand your names, fun phrases, or even the ABC itself.


  1. Beach toys

You may already have a bucket and spade, thinking that perhaps your kids may have grown old of these… It’s always refreshing though, to see how their little faces lighten up when you dig them up every time you’re packing for holidays. These “beach tools” help them build their gorgeous sandcastles or digging holes in the sand to make a well.

It’s always a bit of a shock as soon as you realize, how quickly time goes by, when your children are so focused building towers and castles, so make sure they’re always protected from the sun. To avoid interrupting them or constantly rubbing them dry, try a sunscreen that can be applied on wet skin.

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  1. Arrange a scavenger Hunt

Hide a few beach items such as seashells or rocks, and have your children trying to find them. Treasure hunting is always an exhilarating activity for everyone. If you have hidden them really well and it’s nearly sunset, try a sunscreen that also repels mosquitos and other insects.


  1. Audio Books.

Suppose your child is a bookworm with a flair on classic literature. That’s great news for everyone as they can be occupied with Kindle or paperback books if they’re more old school.

However, this may not be the case; your kids may be very young and not very familiar with reading yet, or even prefer putting their headphones on, while relaxing on the deck chair, sipping their fruit juice.

Then, downloading a handful of audio books on their preferred device, will do the trick.

Shh…. Listen… the soothing sound of waves breaking…