Getting Ready for Birth: Our Tips

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a first-time mum (or dad) reading up on how best get through the big day. If there is anything you are worried or unsure about, the single best thing you can do if speak to your midwife, who will be a wealth of tips, advice and motivation!

After that, there are a few things we can recommend, too. We’ve been making products specifically to help care for pregnant and postpartum mums for years. Here’s what we learned…


Support Your Skin

Pregnancy throws up a whole raft of challenges for your body to contend with, from sore breasts and morning sickness to back pain and a constant need to pee. There are at least some things you can do to pre-empt some of pregnancy’s less pleasant side effects on your skin.

Stretch marks are total normal, healthy side effects or growing to accommodate a little passenger. But if you’d like to try and minimise the appearance of stretch marks, we’ve got you covered.

Our Prevenstria Cream increases your skin’s elasticity and resilience with active ingredients trimethylglycine and phytosterols. Application on your tummy, hips, thighs and chest during pregnancy can help prevent the weakening of skin tissue and appearance of stretch marks.


Prepare Your Body

With a lot going on downstairs, you might overlook how your body is preparing for breastfeeding. You can give your body a helping hand in making breastfeeding a special, painless time by preparing your nipples with our Nipple Care Emollient Cream-Gel. You may not have heard of nipple cream before, so hear us out!

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The cream softens the nipples, and improves microcirculation. Both of these things make your nipples more elastic, and therefore less likely to crack and bleed during feeding, which can be very painful and even lead to infection. Get a head start by applying during your last few weeks of pregnancy!


Understand What Your Body Will Go Through

As you’ll know, biologically speaking, there’s a lot more to giving birth than pushing a baby through your cervix! There are several stages of labour, the birth and then the afterbirth all to learn about.

Having a strong knowledge of what is going to happen next at every point will help keep you as calm as possible, from early labour to that skin-on-skin time with your newborn. Knowing your episiotomies from your epidurals will help you feel in control and in the know.

The best place you can learn about every stage of your labour and birth, is on the NHS Choices website.