Five Ways to Soothe Morning Sickness

Congratulations – you’re pregnant! Buoyed up by the idea of actually growing a little human, you set about making all the cliché mama-to-be preparations. Your bedside locker is loaded with pregnancy books. You sign up to every ‘expecting’ yoga class under the sun. And you even get one of those ‘baby on board’ badges for the tube. Only there’s one problem. Reading makes you feel queasy. The thought of doing the sphinx pose churns your stomach. And as for getting on the underground? Forget it.

You feel less glowing-earth-mama, more nauseous patient. Morning sickness has to be one of the greatest fibs of the modern age. Any pregnant woman who’s scuttled to the office bathroom to puke at 3pm or suppressed a gag reflex while cooking dinner at 7pm will know that ‘morning’ sickness can in fact last all day.

But don’t despair. Most women only suffer from stomach-turning sickness for the first three months of their pregnancy. And, should you be in the middle of a particularly rotten bout of nausea, there is plenty you can do to ease the symptoms. Here, we’ve compiled five of our top tips to get you and bump feeling right as rain.


  1. Have breakfast in bed

You know how sometimes being really, really hungry can make you feel sick? As if your empty, hollow stomach is sort of caving in on itself? Well, pregnancy can exacerbate this sensation. Getting straight out of bed on an empty tummy can be nothing short of vomit-inducing. Instead, munch on some dry toast and sweet tea while you’re still under the covers. Tell your partner to spring into action.


  1. Keep a morning sickness diary

Ok, we know you won’t want to walk down the memory lane lined with mad bathroom dashes and porcelain bowls. But, keeping little notes of what makes you sick and when can help to identify a pattern (if any) so you can steer clear of trigger foods and find the least sicky time to eat.


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  1. Try a cup of ginger tea

The soothing properties of ginger tea are well recognised. A cup of ginger tea helps to settle an uneasy stomach and quell sickness.


  1. Listen to your body

A cursory glance online will show you lots of advice about what food works best when but the simple truth is, your pregnancy is unique. It’s a very personal thing. You may not be able to stomach the same food as someone else. So instead, listen to your body. If you feel like eating crackers, eat crackers. If you think almonds will make you feel better, eat almonds. Your intuition is highly attuned when you’re pregnant so tap into it. As a general rule though, bland foods tend to go down better.


  1. Take a bath

Feeling sick can be stressful and feeling stressed can make you more sick. Try to relax. Pour yourself a rich, luxurious bubble bath full of Frezyderm Body Shower Revitalizing Cleanser. Take a long, languid soak, breathe and chill out.