pregnant woman with sequined dress touching belly


Bearing the glorious bump, while eating a tad more than usual, choosing teeny tiny clothes for the newcomer, and preparing your baby’s nursery… What a bliss!

Of course, it isn’t only rainbows and butterflies. Morning sickness, feeling bloated, swollen ankles, back pain… plus living a normal life with work and everyday obligations, tend to give this unique journey, a bit of discomfort. How convenient would it be, to delegate some of our daily tasks, having some stuff sorted out for us while relaxing our precious baby making machine!

With all these royal pregnancies, it’s easy to secretly wish for such a luck…

In other words, wouldn’t it be nice, to live a bit like a Blue Blood these months?

Well, we found out what we could easily copy from the rules and traditions of the royal family from pregnancy to birth!


  1. One of the best luxuries in life, is to know you can just enter a wellness center to relax and unwind. Picturing ourselves after a back and foot massage is all it takes to feel like a serene beauty again. Spa Centers also offer special mani-pedi services for pregnant women for a complete pampering. Going to a spa center, is mostly advised after the first fragile 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the risk of morning sickness is minimized.


  1. Royals have a tradition of no gender revealing or baby showers. So, if you feel like not throwing a baby shower party or wish to not reveal the gender of your baby, worry not! It is probably due to your noble heritage…


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  1. Official portraits? When the newborn comes to the world, some of the best photographers are employed to take the first snapshots of the royal baby. You may have a professional photo shooting with your newborn as well, to capture your very first moments with your precious one…


  1. Royals tend to have a special baby blanket shawl to wrap up their newborn ones. You could acquire the same one, as it is available on the market or make a personalized baby blanket. Writing your baby’s initials, full name, or some first tender words will make the blanket a valuable keepsake of your son’s/daughter’s babyhood.


  1. Traveling by plane is frowned upon for Royals. Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy during her trip to Australia, however she won’t be likely to be travelling anymore until she gives birth. You, my darling on the other hand, during the second trimester you’re all set to fly anywhere your heart desires. It’s advisable though, to keep your maternity medical records, just in case.


The good thing about not being a royal pregnant, it that you don’t have to follow all the rules that would forbid you to be seen shopping, take selfies of your baby bump,  go and buy a brand new christening gown or give you baby really long names