UV Index Guide: How to Protect Your Skin

Have you ever noticed the little UV Index number on your weather app? If you haven’t, you’re not alone! British attitudes to suncare are notoriously poor.

It may not be as exciting as the temperature (or as scary as the pollen count for hay fever sufferers!), but the daily UV Index is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Just like the chance of rain, you ignore the UV Index at your own risk – except with UV, you risk much more than just getting wet: going out unprotected can lead to photo-ageing, skin damage and even skin cancer.

It’s time to start taking the UV Index seriously. Here is what you should be doing to prepare for each level of the index.


First:  Know Your Skin Type

Your skin type affects what action you need to take in response to the day’s UV score. Use the index below to check your skin type now.

Skin 1

Now you know your skin type, you can use the UV index to work out how much protection you need for each point on the scale.

UV Index: 1-2

Skin 2

UV Index 3-4

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Skin 3

UV Index 5-6

Skin 4

UV Index 7-8-9

Skin 5

UV Index 10-11+

Skin 6

Taking the appropriate measures to protect your skin will help reduce the risk of sunburns and skin cancer. Shop for FREZYDERM sun protection here.