The Places Your Skin Ages Quickest

It’s a given: we all try to strike that balance between ageing gracefully and not looking older than we really are. So, if you have noticed a sudden line here, and a sag there, your body may be hinting at wanting some extra TLC.

Whether you have or haven’t noticed them before, we highlight five body parts that are the worst betrayers of age, and ways to slow it down.


Your hair

The older you get, the dryer and more fragile your hair looks. It gets thinner and produces less melanin, which is why we end up with grey hair.

To save yourself from having brittle hair, step away from using chemicals –instead, make sure you hydrate your hair by using natural substances, such as glycerine and coconut oil once a week.


Your face

Naturally, the thought of our face ageing is amongst one of our deepest worries. On average our skin renews itself every 26 to 28 days when in our 20s – this cycle may exceed 40 days when we’re in our 40s and 50s – hence why it’s important to change our skincare routine as we age.

Daily use of SPF products also reduces signs of ageing. International model Ashley James uses sunscreen every day, no matter the weather, claiming it as her secret to having younger looking skin.


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Your elbows

As you grow older your skin loses its elasticity, resulting in the development of lax skin. Our elbows are one of the biggest sinners in giving away our age, and we don’t even know it! That’s right, they’re not meant to sag so young!

To slow this ageing down, it’s important that you exfoliate regularly, and moisturize daily.


Your chest and neck

Many people forget to take tender care of these areas, it’s as important to hydrate your chest and neck as it is your face. Your chest is the worst traitor amongst all body parts when it comes to age, as it’s one of the first to start showing signs of ageing before any other part.

These areas are particularly prone to photo ageing. To swerve away from unwanted ageing, apply our intensively rich Anti-Ageing Body Cream or our tightening Neck Contour Cream.