What is Micellar Water and Why Should you be Using It?

You’ve probably see it in stores, seen it featured in magazines and read about it online. It seems that almost overnight micellar appeared but it’s never really been explained to us what exactly it is.

Be prepared to have your skincare routine shaken up for good.


What is it?

Stripped down to the basic definition, micellar water is a normally clear liquid made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules called ‘micelles’.


What is it for?

Micellar water is used for removing makeup as well as cleansing the skin without the need for rinsing, making it something of a 2-in-1.


How do you use it?

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Take a cotton wool ball or pad and soak It with some micellar water. Then gently sweep the damp cotton wool across your whole face, paying particular attention to the eyes and lip area if you’re using it to remove makeup. Then you’re done, that’s it. No need to rinse off. Just enjoy the fresh and clean sensation.


What skin types can use micellar water?

Generally, any skin type can use micellar water, even sensitive skin types, it’s that gentle. There are often different varieties created for specific skin types, so have a look around and try them out.


Our Ac-Norm Micellar Water combines the cleansing power of micellar water whilst restoring troubled, acne-prone skin, without leaving it feeling stripped of moisture and tight.

With active ingredients of keratolytic and anti-microbial action, this micellar water helps calm inflammation.