Every opportunity for renewal is always welcomed. Especially when the season itself calls for it. Being in the spring mood, we catch ourselves trying to adjust our skincare routine, in order to meet our skin’s needs in the post winter period.

Your makeup routine becomes even more subtle.

Smokey becomes shimmery, or creamy pastels. Perhaps you ditch your black eyeliner and go for the brown one or a simple mascara does the trick. Neutrals enter the scene, and foundation starts to feel heavy and suffocating.

Cleansing and shielding your skin against pollution

Obviously, this isn’t a seasonal need. It’s just that as you spend more time out now, going for walks, BBQs or simply enjoying the sun whenever possible, your skin inevitably gets more exposed to pollutants and other impurities such as dust or even pollen. Our Micellar Water not only effectively removes dirt, sebum, and makeup from the skin but, in addition, it is enriched with a marine exopolysaccharide that removes particulate pollutants and protects against the deposition of new while also protecting from the attack of heavy metals and free radicals. It is the ideal choice for cleansing, protecting and treating your skin in its spring skincare routine.

Fill your skin’s water tank!

The low temperatures of a very cold winter, in addition to abrupt changes from warm to cold environments, may cause dryness to your skin, depriving it of the necessary moisture reserves it needs to remain firm, and elastic, full of comfort and well-being. The specially designed Moisturizing Plus Cream offers triple hydration with a hyaluronic acid complex, restoring the skin’s hydration levels for intensive repair. Apply twice a day to maximize its hydrating effect!

When dead cells leave your body, your glowing skin is coming

Your skin just spent an entire winter “trapped” under pants, sweaters, and thick fabrics. So, now your body skin needs a rejuvenating, exfoliating care that will remove dead cells, nourish, and rejuvenate it.

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This innovative lotion for hydration and exfoliation of the body with fruit acids and a rich combination of moisturizing and emollient agents is the perfect solution for the exceptional seasonal needs of your skin and its preparation for the skirts, dresses and short-sleeved t-shirts that are ready to accommodate your skin the following months. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen the following day, after you use it.