The Science behind Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is different to the rest of your body. Thinner, more sensitive and delicate, it is no wonder that it is usually the eyes that give away a late night or a long day at the office.


What causes bags under eyes?  

Depending on your skin tone, when you get tired, you may see dark circles or bags appear under your eyes, making you appear jaded and fatigued. Why does this happen?

The dark circles are caused by blood pooling in the dense crisscross of capillaries under the skin of the eye contour. The effect is the same as the bluey-green veins around your wrists where your skin is also thin.

Tiredness makes the blood vessels more visible because being tired stimulates cortisol production in the body. This is a hormone that gives you a boost of energy, but in doing so it dilates the blood vessels. This means the blood vessels around your eyes grow larger and so become more visible through your skin.

The best way to beat these eye-bags is to make sure you are well rested and cut down on cortisol-producing stress. Topical creams can also help. Our innovative eye balm reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, helping you look refreshed and radiant.


Sun Damage 

Your eyes are also at particular risk of damage from the sun’s UV rays. A thick epidermis protects much of your skin from damage, but since our eyes lack this, high UV levels pose extra risk to the health of the skin. The fact that we never cover the skin around our eyes with clothes adds to the issue. So what damage can occur?

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Collagen is the protein in skin which keeps it firm. Exposure to UV light causes collagen to break down at an accelerated rate. Since the skin around the eyes is exposed to more UV radiation, this makes the skin here more prone to wrinkling than other areas. This is why wrinkles often appear around the eye before anywhere else.

In order to prevent this, the use of a daily UV protector for the eye area is recommended. This will help prevent collagen breakdown and reduce the formation of wrinkles. UV-filtering sunglasses will also help when in high-UV environments.


Delicate Skin

Another effect of the thinness of eye-area skin is that it is more sensitive to products than the rest of the body. Products such as heavy exfoliators may irritate the eye contour area.

This applies to moisturisers, too. Eye creams should be lighter than other moisurisers and, ideally, be fragrance-free. This will minimise the risk of irritating the skin. FREZYDERM Eye Cream has been specially developed to tackle the unique needs of the skin around the eyes, delivering gentle hydration and reducing wrinkles with Argania spinose extract, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.