how your smartphone may give you wrinkles


You’re messaging back your bestie with a smiley emoji. You’re “following” your favorite celebrities and “stalking” your current crush. You’re enjoying the dog face filter and swap faces with your friends. “Scrolling” is now just part of your daily routine and watching Netflix seems more convenient on your tablet. Furthermore, you’re using your smartphone from shopping groceries and clothes to sending important business presentations to your boss.

Heads Up!

Since the advent of the smartphones and tablets, we’ve all been keeping our heads down a lot more frequently. As a matter of fact, we’re constantly tilting our head forward at a 45-degree angle. And we seem to be doing it a lot. Around-150 times a day-lot.  This has added a new term in the cosmetology dictionary called “tech-neck”.

Tech neck refers to a specific crease just above the collar bone that is caused by repeated bending of the neck to look at the screen of a portable device. Furthermore, it may entail back pain, stiff neck, even trouble sleeping.

We’ve gathered some simple yet effective exercises to combat this phenomenon.


  1. Lion King

Open your mouth and eyes as much as you can and breathe out from the belly like a roaring lion (you might wanna do this silently but if you want an audio accompaniment, express yourself freely!).


  1. Bending with the wind

Stretch your head to the right by bringing your ear to your shoulder. Stay in this position for 20 ”. Straighten your head and head to the left in the same way for another 20 ”. Do 3-5 repetitions on each side.


  1. Chin Up!

If your jaw has already gone down, repeat a 5-piece set with the following exercise twice a day: pull your chin back for 10 ”.


  1. Let’s Cobra

Lay down on a gym mat and slowly lifted your torso and your head like a cobra, opening your arms slightly. 8 to 10 repetitions are sufficient.


  1. Oh!

Open your lips half as much as if you made the “Oh” sound and try to smile without opening your mouth completely. Repeat six times.


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  1. Up!

Keep your torso straight- whether you’re standing or sitting – and turn your head back looking up. Then, move your mouth as if you’re chewing. 15 repetitions will do the trick.


  1. Sealed with a kiss

Tilt your head backwards, looking up but this time “send kisses” to the ceiling by pressing your lips up. 10 repetitions will be enough for a lovely neck!


  1. Stick your tongue out!

Again, with your head tilted back, put your tongue out and try to touch your chin with it. He held for ten seconds and then relaxed.


  1. Show your teeth to the wrinkles!

Stick your lower jaw out in relation to the upper and place the tongue on the velum. Start tapping it for 30 ”. This is your guarantee exercise to eliminate the double chin!


  1. For that elongated neck…

Bring your right hand over your head and stretch the left side very well by pulling it upwards. Now, turn your mouth to the right, the opposite, that is. Do the same on the other side in 3 sets of 15 ”.


Ok sure, you’ll now try to hold your smartphone on an eye-level position and think twice before hunching over your tablet. But as soon as those text wrinkles inhabit your neck and chin area, it will be a challenge to battle them. Daily care of the topical area is essential for the optimal results. You should apply, day & night, a specialized cream, such as our Neck Contour Cream that firms and lifts the neck while reducing the double chin and boosting neck skin elasticity.

Put your smartphone away and “unfriend” those text wrinkles!