deal with hot flushes


You’re blushing even though you’re not speaking to your crush.

All of a sudden, you’re feeling too hot, even though it’s chilly outside. Your heart skips a beat even though you’ve had a peaceful day. You keep tossing & turning restlessly having trouble sleeping.

These are all typical menopausal symptoms which can be quite frustrating…but also manageable…


  1. Weigh it down.

Although during menopause, it is more difficult for a woman to lose weight (due to a change in metabolism, decreased activity, etc.), it is very important, at least, not to get extra weight if she wants to minimize hot flashes. The fat in our body acts as an “insulating material” and causes higher temperatures in the body, making it difficult for our body’s thermostat to function effectively.

This shouldn’t mean, however, that you need to exaggerate and take on extreme diets or workout till you are out of breath. This could actually be counterproductive. Ideally, a balanced diet and a good workout plan, will lead to a gradual and healthy weight loss.


  1. Watch the pepper!

Curry might be your favorite food and your weekly indulgence…

…But, you’d probably reconsider this “love” of yours, if you found out, that spicy foods raise your body’s temperature making it way easier for your body to experience those nasty hot flushes.

Perhaps you might want to reduce the intake of spicy foods or hot beverages for this reason.


  1. It’s all about layering!

Feeling too hot will make you believe that a simple t-shirt will suffice for that stroll in the evening.

However, hot flushes come and go, and once your body reaches your normal temperature again you might regret not taking that jacket. In order to adjust to this roller coaster of body temperature, we’d suggest layering! Not only will you be in fashion, but also, you will be able to feel comfortable whether you’ll be feeling hot or cold!

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  1. Sauna free bedroom

Most menopausal women claim that the nighttime is the most challenging part of their day, since sweating from hot flashes causes them to lose their sleep. And since they cannot do much about their body temperature, they can at least reduce the temperature of the bedroom and make sure the room is not damp. The ice pack solution underneath the pillow can be a life-saver those challenging times.


  1. Breath in… Breath out…

You already knew stress can trigger your hot flushes. As long as you are at your wit’s end, you know that adrenaline rushes, your heart beats faster, your face blushes … Imagine what happens when the symptoms of stress meet those of menopause! So, keep calm and carry on.

Try to relax during the day by doing breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, pilates or even more vigorous exercises such as jogging or dancing that also relieve hot flashes.


  1. Keep your head cool…

Your mature skin feels dry and dehydrated and needs to feel plumpy and cool again.

Begin your day by applying on your face and neck the Moisturizing Rich Cream, the daily cream that deeply hydrates the postmenopausal skin, shielding the moisture inside. And because nighttime hot flashes do not sleep, our Anti-Wrinkle Rich Night Cream with a rich non-greasy texture not only will hydrate your skin noticeably but it will also stimulate the “youth hormone” to produce collagen, filling the wrinkles and cause you to wake up radiant and revitalized.

Finally, the menopause symptoms do not only appear at the temperature of your skin but also on the eye-area. Our Eye Cream reduces the relaxation around the eyes for a firm, tight skin and visible youthful look.