new year's resolutions


It’s that time of the year when “reading more books” and “losing weight” are bulleted in the same list.

Unlike most resolutions, that can always be repeated yearly without significant alterations, our skin’s health is bound to time, and committing to a set of skin rules sooner than later, can come a long way.


  1. Get familiar with your skin

Nothing will work on your skin unless you identify its needs. Even if you had in the past, they might have changed overtime or that dry skin may really be a dehydrated one, in disguise. So first off, you need to check your skin’s needs.


  1. Hydrate from within.

That tip about drinking more water will be found at every post regarding tips. Well, that 6-8 glasses of water, really is about fluids. If you’re hydrated from within though, your moisturizer’s efficacy will also improve.


  1. A deep cleansing mask, once a week.

Air pollution, grime, impurities all find your face to be their warm & fuzzy nest. Once a week, apply a peel off mask that is easy to apply, and even easier to remove. You may even remove it, while binge watching your favourite Netflix series.


  1. Always Sunscreen on

If you want to avoid photo-ageing, you need to wear sunscreen every single day. The challenge with that is double. Most of us don’t want a sunscreen that’s too thick on the skin, and that’s often the reason some may skip it.

The second challenge is, when waking up and before going to work there are certain steps we need to do: wash face, then apply serum, daily cream, sunscreen and then do a full face make up. All that takes time. You may solve both problems by choosing a lightweight sunscreen with a matte finish that will also have some tint to replace your morning foundation.


  1. Take off make up every night

Not taking off your makeup every night can lead to accelerated aging process, breakouts, blackheads or even eye infections.  And you know a tissue won’t do the trick. It could only be the beginning, followed by a proper makeup removal lotion or/and face wash if you double-cleanse.


  1. That little extra!

Maybe it’s time to book that facial you’ve been postponing. Or that full-body massage your body craves lately. It could also be as little as adding a serum to your daily regimen. These extras are the things that not only your skin, but also your soul will appreciate.


  1. Show some tenderness to your body too!

Focusing on our face and forgetting our body is often the case. Make it a commitment that as soon as you come out of the shower, you’ll apply your body moisturizer. It’s these very first moments, with your pores wide open to receive all those precious hydrating agents of your lotion.

Your hands are part of your body as well! Just keep your hand cream inside your bag to reapply often when in the office or the tube while going home.

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In case age spots have made their appearance, a more specialized cream that will target spots is what you need.


  1. No more picking your face!

This is crucial. Even if you’re diligent enough as to follow all the steps of the perfect skincare regimen, there won’t be of any use if you pick your face. If it’s already an established habit, try occupying your hands with something else like squeezing a stress ball or peeling an orange or two.


  1. Exfoliate regularly.

Some new skin should reveal itself every week for optimal cream efficacy. Exfoliate and nourish both face and body once or twice a week with fruit acids for optimal results.


  1. Toss expired cosmetics or creams

A grand check of your beauty bag will help you get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore, as they do no good to your skin. Check expiry date if given, as well as how long the product is effective to use after it is unsealed.


  1. Don’t instantly switch products.

The adult’s skin cycle is about 28 days, and as we grow older, it’s getting a bit slower. When trying a new cream allow it at least one month to see results.


  1. Sleep!

This is as often met, as the drinking-water tip. Also, one of the most effective tips for great-looking, supple skin. Sleep regulates and restores out body’s and mind’s functions.


  1. Don’t look down!

Certain wrinkles, such as the Tech-neck phenomenon, can be caused just by bad posture, which is such a shame as all our efforts are nullified. Look up!


  1. Start an anti-aging regimen!

Unless you’re younger than 24, it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, thus starting an anti-aging routine sooner than later may be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your skin.