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Can diamonds keep you young?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “diamond”?

Diamonds are girls’ best friend, said Marilyn. Diamonds are forever said, James.

Whether the epicenter of your engagement ring or just another bling, diamonds symbolize eternity.

Just to think about the constant pressure a piece of carbon undergoes for hundreds of years to give us the natural diamond is mindblowing. No wonder their exorbitant pricing and value.

Diamonds in anti-aging services

Apparently, the contribution of this precious carbon doesn’t stop in our jewelry box.

The Science of Cosmetology has studies that show that natural diamond crystals enhance the appearance and function of the skin. To fully comprehend, how diamond crystals, contribute on the well-being of the skin we need to examine how skin reacts over time…

Skin loses its glow quickly…

As you age, the rate at which the skin’s metabolic functions, begins to decline. Collagen and elastin production are reduced, and cell renewal takes place more slowly. The later results in dead cells remaining on the outer layers of the skin, creating a rough, dull appearance.

If proper exfoliation doesn’t follow, the skin will struggle to regain its radiance and vitality.

Natural diamond crystals are this “renewal force” that the weathered skin so desperately needs.

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This is because they exfoliate in such a subtle yet effective way, that results are instantly visible.

With this gentle exfoliation, dead cells are removed, cell renewal accelerates, the skin regains its vitality and exudes radiance and freshness.

Utilizing these anti-aging benefits of natural diamond crystals, FREZYDERM incorporated them, into a new premium series of enhanced action, ideal for the needs of mature, dull skin (60+) or ​​intensely damaged skin of younger age.

The DIAMOND VELVET series includes an intense moisturizing cream, a strong anti-aging cream and a special micro-diffusion device; a complete series of design excellence, high scientificity and unique effectiveness. These incorporate all the benefits of diamond crystals, including Boron Nitride crystals that offer a high degree of light diffusion for a high & instant, soft focus effect on wrinkles and discoloration.

This is because Boron Nitride crystals have the ability to enter the recesses of the face created by the deep wrinkles of the mature skin and as the light is reflected at these points, a “filling” effect of the recesses is formed which creates the effect of a more uniform facial relief.

And so, by uniquely renewing the appearance of our skin and highlighting our hidden natural glow, natural diamond crystals make us a rare gift of restoring the coveted youth. If this isn’t invaluable, then what is?