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Imagine your skin to be elastic, dense, firm and radiant. Like it used to be; before time left its mark. Is that possible without drastic interventions?

What is the mature skin like?

As we get older, the function of our skin inevitably changes, and this change is reflected on its appearance. During your fifties, the production of elastin and collagen has already decreased significantly and these low percentages of “youth proteins” are reflected on the skin: firmness and elasticity decrease, and wrinkles spread and deepen. These wrinkles, coexisting with firmer facial areas, create “hills” and “ravines”, i.e., an uneven relief. At the same time, the contour of the face, chin and neck begin to loosen. In addition, moisture reserves have now been significantly reduced, mainly due to the lack of collagen but also the accumulated sun exposure over the past years combined with the reduced natural oils that mature skin usually has naturally. Thus, dryness, dehydration and roughness do not take long to appear. And of course, as mature skin cells renew at a much slower rate compared to juvenile ones (almost every 40 days while in juveniles every 26-28 days), the dead cells that remain on the skin until the next cycle of renewal, contribute to a dull face.

Time determines our age. Or does it?

Aesthetic invasive procedures are one option to reverse the passage of time and correct the damage caused to the skin. For some women though, they aren’t exactly their cup of tea. But they still want to regain their youth by taking the reins from the “hands” of time.

Total youth restoration from the comfort of your home

From today onwards, there is a way to completely restore youth and firmness of the mature skin, without aesthetic interventions. Thanks to the new generation of cutting-edge anti-aging care: the Diamond Wrinkle Fighter, inspired by the beauty treatments, is based on the knowledge of Epigenetics, bringing together top innovations for a complete restoration of the youthful appearance.

For the first time, an innovative combination of a special microdiffusion device with simultaneous outflow of serum with strong anti-aging action comes to deploy the incomparable benefits of the microdiffusion method and the unique effectiveness of the serum, to act comprehensively and effectively against the signs of aging.

Why microdiffusion system?

The deeper the active ingredients of the anti-aging serum reach the layers of the skin, the more effective they will be.

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However, when applied topically to the skin, they find an important obstacle: the epidermal barrier, the last “line of defense” of the skin that keeps it sufficiently hydrated and protects it from external attacks but is also difficult to penetrate. The micro diffusion system overcomes this “obstacle”. Acting as an arrow, it pushes the active ingredients of the serum deeper into the skin, achieving 40% greater absorption than by simply applying the serum to the skin. The 225 hexagonal micro-heads made of special stainless steel available in the Diamond Wrinkle Fighter were not chosen randomly. They help to diffuse the active ingredients of the serum into the layers of the skin and enhance its anti-wrinkle action with immediate visible results.

Combined power for maximum anti-aging benefits

The ability of the device for high permeability alone would not be enough, if it were not accompanied by a strong serum, specially designed for the skin with strong signs of wear. With natural diamond crystals at the heart of its composition, Diamond Wrinkle Fighter anti-aging serum accelerates cell renewal by visibly restoring radiance and vitality to the skin. At the same time, the unique Boron Nitride crystals create a wrinkle filling effect, instantly improving the appearance of the facial relief and its discolorations. Add to all this, the powerful anti-wrinkle action offered by the powerful combination of peptides.

Specifically, both wrinkles of biological origin and those from muscle contractions are reduced by 37% * in density and by 20% * in depth! The unique composition of the serum is completed by the carefully selected combination of active ingredients that increases the firmness and elasticity and strengthens the hydration mechanisms. Exactly what the mature skin needs.

Discover the benefits of anti-aging at late fifties, with a dermaroller and welcome a new era of cutting-edge care that proves that… now, time obeys your own rules.


* 28 day treatment / Technical Data- Red Clover. Synergy study with dermatological anti-wrinkle injection treatment proves improvement and prolongation of results (Technical Data Active Ingredient).