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Biology and nature always have their own plan for the course of your skin.

And to believe that you can completely avoid the signs of time in its passage is futile. The fact that you cannot prevent aging, however, does not mean that you cannot postopone it, setting your own rules… But which are the signs of aging in detail, that our skin shows in the stage of its mature phase and why can these signs become a useful guide to seek targeted and effective, anti-aging solutions?

Skin regeneration takes a bit longer, meaning youthfulness goes away…

After your 50’s, internal biological processes occur (or have already occured) in your body that lead your skin even closer to aging.

  • The epidermal barrier, ie the last wall of defense of your skin, malfunctions. This results in an increased moisture loss which further translates to dryness and dehydration, loss of firmness and undefended skin against external “attacks”.
  • Cell renewal takes place at a much slower rate than in youthful skin (possibly more than 40 days while youthful skin is renewed every 26-28 days). This means that the skin easily acquires dullness and roughness while losing its radiant appearance.
  • The mechanism of gene expression “locks”, meaning that this causes oxidative stress and inflammatory processes, leading our skin’s defenses to be reduced along with its functionality.
  • The production of collagen and elastin (the proteins of youth, as commonly known) has already been significantly reduced (a decline that first started at the age of 25 years old).

This reduction translates into loss of elasticity and loosening of the skin, since it significantly lacks the required “glue” that will maintain its consistency. Furthermore, it leads to the consolidation of wrinkles (static and permanent) and a face that loses its oval shape.

Total repair of mature skin without invasive treatments

If the restoration of the aging points using needles is not within your options, there is still a way to restore the youthful look of the mature skin, while effectively fighting the signs of wear and tear that time leaves on it.

The new premium, cutting-edge, anti-aging line, “Diamond Velvet” was created exactly for this.

Inspired by modern aesthetic therapies and combining the findings of Epigenetics with multiple scientific innovations, it offers:

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  • Unique velvety texture and feel that allows the skin to breathe, offering a smooth, porcelain look and after-feel hydration
  • Glow and vitality on dull skin and cell renewal acceleration, thanks to the fine natural diamond crystals it contains
  • Rejuvenation, protection from free radicals.
  • Needle-free skin reconstruction with “filled wrinkles” effect.
  • Youth genes unlocking for supple, firm skin.

The Diamond Velvet Moisturizing Cream not only “locks” the moisture into the skin but it also activates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, effectively reducing wrinkles and restoring elasticity.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more targeted anti-aging regimen, we would suggest the Diamond Velvet Anti-Wrinkle Cream as it will restore your natural glow, increasing skin density and firmness.

Finally, for a weekly treatment we would suggest our Diamond Wrinkle Fighter  a specialized micro-diffusion device with simultaneous serum outflow of strong anti-aging action for the mature skin. What will it specifically do? It will activate cell renewal for instantly rejuvenated skin with a radiant glow. At the same time, its carefully selected combination of anti-aging ingredients that fight both static and dynamic wrinkles increase firmness, skin density and elasticity while enhancing hydration mechanisms.

We use the power of cosmetology, to remove the limits of time and define the image of your skin according to your rules.