woman applying serum


Serum; a word that is now synonymous to specialized skincare. Whatever your skin needs may be, at the time, a facial serum will help in their solution.

Penetration equals effectiveness

The serum is a skincare product with a concentrated composition of active ingredients with a lightweight, cool texture that is easily absorbed from the skin. Its active ingredients are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin reaching its deeper layers, offering their beneficial action.

How’s a serum any different to your anti-aging cream?

First, the serum’s almost watery texture allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin, compared to a cream, which typically has a thicker composition.

The main difference between them, however, is in the quota of their active ingredients, which makes the serum act more targeted. The active ingredients inside the serum are less but in higher percentages making it much more specialized. This way, 1-2 drops are enough for the product to work effectively.

Can the serum replace your facial cream?

Short answer is no; long answer is, no, because the serum is there to enhance the action of your cream, hence they should be used in combination. Imagine the serum as the “foundation”, to target the signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration, uneven color tone, dull face, etc.) and the anti-aging cream that follows, as the “building block” that will consolidate this action.

Can I use different serum for my day and night skincare routine?

Thanks to their targeted action, serums are versatile enough to be used for our skin’s different needs, day or night.

For instance, to combat a dull skin and go for a more revitalized and defined one, a few drops of an anti-aging, revitalizing serum day or/and night will do the trick.

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Or perhaps you would like a lifting effect; choosing an instant lifting serum, will offer a lifted skin for a couple of hours. This is a special one, as it is applied after your usual skincare products and not before.

As far as the targeted action against those well established wrinkles is concerned, we’ve got you covered as well. Our innovative Diamond Wrinkle Fighter micro diffusion system, combined with the action of the device, is as having mesotherapy from the comfort of your home. Enriched with natural diamond crystals, the serum activates cell renewal for instantly rejuvenated skin, while thanks to the 225 hexagonal stainless steel micro-heads of the device, the active ingredients of the serum are absorbed 40% more than with its simple application.

Finding out what an anti-aging serum can offer to your skin, you can benefit from its beneficial action and maximize the performance of your beauty routine.