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At a time when our lives are surrounded by screens, our skin is in need for some extra tlc, protection, and digital “rest”.

Digital Aging in 3 “acts”:

The increasing use of devices that emit blue light, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, leads the skin to premature ageing. This phenomenon, also known as Digital Aging, affects people of all ages, across the globe.

1. Blue light and skin: a not so harmonious interaction

Blue light, also known as HEV (High-Energy Visible Light)- apart from the sun- is also emitted by smartphones, laptops, tablets, some TVs and LED lamps, ie devices that we use widely in our daily lives, and has the ability to penetrate deeper in the skin than UV radiation.

Its action on your skin becomes “insidious”, because as you do not feel its presence (it does not warm you like UV radiation) you fail to realize the damage it causes: the appearance of premature wrinkles and sagging (since it affects the production of collagen in the skin) , the creation of discolourations, the increase of free radicals (oxidative stress), the cause of micro-inflammations in the skin (due to its great penetration) but also the weakening of the skin barrier, exposing the skin to dryness-dehydration and external “attacks”.

Should you do a digital device purge?

Of course, not. However, you may take regular screen breaks, or use blue light glasses or filters when working on your computer or scrolling your tablet. Last, but not least, remember to wear sunscreen at home or in the office during those screen hours!

2. Digital Eye Strain

Dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, and photosensitivity are the most common symptoms of those who are exposed to blue light for a long time and are often summarized in the term: «computer vision syndrome». However, the side effects of this prolonged eye exposure to blue light is extended to the skin area around the eyes, causing fine lines and wrinkles, while also worsening of dark circles and a tired look.

What should you do to shield your eyes against blue light?

First of all, you may rest them by abstaining at regular intervals from the screens during the day, especially at night.

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Using a specialized filter for your computer with a less harsh light for your eyes will improve the skin area around them.

We suggest a specialized eye cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while it moisturizes the area or perhaps an eye balm that will combat dark circles and eye bags, restoring their luminous look.

For an even more intensive rejuvenating treatment for those tired -of the blue light- eyes, you can use a Revitalization Hydrogel Eye Patch that moisturizes the skin in the area, leaving a pleasant feeling of coolness.

3. Τech-neck: how crouching your neck is ageing you prematurely

Continuous bending over your smartphone or tablet creates deep horizontal lines and wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area while at the same time causing loosening of the skin under the chin leading to a double jaw.

Look up!… Or straight!

Ideally, your screen should be placed anywhere between eye level and thirty-degrees below your line of sight. Face yoga exercises will also help tighten and lift the area, especially when combined with a specialized neck lifting cream.